Valley Forge – the First Days – What Was it Like?

The following is an article published by the Journal of the American Revolution which outlines the days prior to and the first few days with the decision to have a winter encampment at Valley Forge.

Yesterday, I stood outside for a couple of hours in the Spring Grove Cemetery.  It was a blustery cold day with a steady wind and snow flurries swirling around in the dark dreary sky.   I/we were cold, the steel barrels of our firelocks felt really uncomfortable.  Trying to put powder in the pan and the barrel for our musket salute was really difficult due to numb hands and fingers.  We shivered together.

Once we finished, we welcomed the blast of warmth of heat once back in our vehicles.  I thought of the soldiers who braved the cold winters during the American Revolutionary War.  My self pity was quickly slapped back into perspective.  What our ancestors went through, how they persevered, what they did to survive and thrive is a tribute to what they went through, what they fought for.   Salute to those brave men and patriots!

The article can be accessed below:

The First Four Days at Valley Forge

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