Cincinnati SAR Compatriot and Former Ohio Governor Bob Taft Welcomes 31 New Citizens

Jack Bredenfoerder
Past President, CCSAR

Cincinnati SAR compatriot and former Ohio Governor Bob Taft was joined by Compatriots Bob Bowers and Jack Bredenfoerder to welcome 31 new citizens who were sworn in at a ceremony on Friday, May 24th at the National Historic Taft Home in Mount Auburn, Cincinnati, Ohio. The National Historic Taft Site was the home and birthplace of our 27th U.S. President William Howard Taft. President Taft was also our only U.S. president to serve as the chief justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Governor Bob Taft is the President Taft’s great grandson. Governor Taft stressed that we are a nation of immigrants and that the diverse contributions of our immigrant ancestors and our current immigrants are what continue to make our democracy innovative and great. He thanked all the new citizens for pursuing the American dream.

Magistrate Judge, the Honorable Karen Litkovitz presided. After a roll call of the applicants and the petition for citizenship, Judge Litkovitz approved the applications. The applicants were then sworn in by Naturalization Deputy Emily Hiltz. The new citizens received a warm applause from all those present. Judge Litkovitz went on share the story of the immigration of her two grandparents from Italy. She then introduced several local dignitaries. Representatives from U.S. Senators Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman brought greetings. Members of the League of Women Voters helped the new citizens complete voting application cards. Members of the DAR, SAR and the Red Cross were also introduced. The ceremony ended with the Pledge of Allegiance.

After the ceremony, Cincinnati SAR Immediate Past President Jack Bredenfoerder presented Governor Taft with an Ohio Society SAR Challenge Coin. The presentation of the naturalization certificates were then made by judge Litkovitz and many commemorative photos were taken in front of the Taft home. The new citizens were truly thrilled to celebrate such an important occasion at such a remarkable and historic site. Welcome citizens!


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2019 Memorial Service for Revolutionary Patriots of the Northwest Territory – Marietta, Ohio

Cincinnati President Lee Wilkerson and Compatriot Jack Bredenfoerder attended the Memorial Service for the Revolutionary Patriots of the Northwest Territory at the Mound Cemetery in Marietta, Ohio on Thursday, May 23rd. Forty-eight patriots are memorialized at the Mound Cemetery. The event was planned and sponsored by the Marietta SAR Chapter. Ohio Society President L. Stephen Hinson welcomed the assembly and dignitaries from the Ohio Society SAR, the West Virginia Society SAR, Germany Society SAR, the Marietta DAR and several local civic organizations brought greetings and laid wreaths. President Wilkerson laid a wreath on behalf of the Cincinnati Chapter. Both Cincinnati compatriots served in the OHSSAR Color Guard commanded by Commander Steven E. Frash.

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Cincinnati SAR Attends Honor Flight Return at CVG on May 21, 2019

Article and Photos by:
Michael B. Gunn, Ph.D.
Past President, Patriot Graves Chair CCSAR
Dr. R. Edgar Bonniwell
Chapter Chaplain

On Tuesday night May 21st the Cincinnati Color Guard participated in an Honor Flight Reception of our military veterans, welcoming them back from their one-day trip in Washington, DC. Hundreds of people were present. Bagpipers in their full regalia were present. How moving the event was; the veterans were greeted by us, and hundreds of others, as we saluted them and thanked them for their service. All the branches of service were represented. One man wore his sailor’s cap, others wore the insignias of their particular branch of service; Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force; several had purple hearts and bore wounds in their bodies that could be seen outwardly. Such men and women, who constituted this Honor Flight, seemed to be a sea of humanity taken from every corner of our great country. Vietnam vets, Korean veterans, even several from WWII, and more recent wars, either walked before us, or were pushed by us in wheelchairs.

These were men and women were willing to give the last full measure of devotion. It was so moving as they made their approach coming down that long corridor, the bagpipes playing the theme song of each of our branches of service, Anchors Aweigh, Down We Dive, From the Halls of Montezuma, The Army Goes Rolling Along, Semper Paratus. It was an extraordinary evening, and all of us came home rejoicing that the liberty we know and enjoy is bought for us every day by those who will fight and die for our freedoms.

The Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution (Cincinnati SAR) have included participation in the return of Honor Flights at CVG for several years now. Our members, who join other SAR & DAR members from Kentucky Chapters, and several other groups as a funnel through which those veterans come through the arrival passage, returning from the long day spent in Washington D.C. as members of an Honor Flight.

As those who have served us during their time in the military pass out of the secure area hallway from a flight, we see they are very tired after such a long day, but the spirit shown on those mostly wrinkled faces shows brightly. Since there are a few hundred people cheering loudly, encouraged by Mrs. Beinecke and others. However, the intent of the crowd is not misunderstood, we honor those who gave so much so we are able to have the freedom and liberties enjoyed here in our most wonderful country.

Present at this event was President Lee Wilkerson, Dr. Michael Gunn, Dr. Ed Bonniwell, Bob Bowers, Michael Blum and his daughter, and George Stewart.


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Cincinnati SAR Participates in Ohio Mayflower Society Annual Assembly

On May 18, the Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution participated in the Ohio Mayflower Society’s Annual Assembly. This year’s assembly was hosted by the Cincinnati Colony of the Society of Mayflower Descendants in Ohio. Compatriot Gregory Ballman discussed the goals and objectives of the SAR and how to become a member.


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Cincinnati SAR Participates in Princeton H.S. JROTC Ceremony

Michael B. Gunn, Ph.D.
Past President, Patriot Graves Chair CCSAR

On Tuesday, May 7, 2019 at 6 PM Michael Gunn with the Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution sat with a group of 15 other representatives from Patriotic and Civil organizations in the Cafeteria of Princeton High School. Also present were many of the 100 members of the Navy Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps who train and study at the High School. This was the 20th Annual Cadet Awards Banquet and Ball Ceremony where excellence was to be rewarded.

Guided by Emcee Cadet Langford and under the direction of Russell P. Brockway, M.Ed

Lieutenant Commander, U. S. Navy (Retired) and D. A. McDermott, Senior Chief, U. S. Navy (Retired); a ceremonial military event of some pomp and circumstance began promptly at 1800 hours with Cadet Jonathan Helton leading the Color Guard in Presentation of the Colors, followed by the playing of our National Anthem. After a POW-MIA ceremony and introduction of guests we all enjoyed a dinner, including attending parents and cadets. Toasts and a guest speaker, Master Sgt. David Heisel, Jr. preceded the presentation of awards.

Past President of the Cincinnati SAR Chapter, Michael Gunn honored Cadet Jonathan Helton with our JROTC Bronze Medal to acknowledge his excellence in leadership and study in this Navy unit. Other presenters included DAR Member Ms. Kathy Schmidt, who awarded Cadet Langford in the 16 special awards given by guests at the event.

In addition to Langford and Helton, Cadets Brooksbank and Leonhardt were included is special recognition by the Navy JROTC before the large number of ribbons were distributed to the many cadets who worked hard to earn honors this past year.

After the eight seniors were piped over the side (wished a farewell to the unit as they left in graduation this year); and a change of Cadet Command Ceremony completed we were all dismissed.

An impressive evening of witnessing the results of great direction by parents, Naval instruction and genuine efforts by the Cadet students here at Princeton High School.


Cadet Jonathan Helton receives the SAR Bronze Medal from Michael Gunn


Change of Cadet Command Ceremony at Princeton’s Navy JROTC, for 2020

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Cincinnati SAR Attends May 17th Naturalization Ceremony

Cincinnati SAR President Lee Wilkerson, First Lady Shari Wilkerson, Compatriots Bob Bowers, Jack Bredenfoerder, Mike Gunn and Dan Schmitz welcomed 69 new US Citizens from 32 countries at a naturalization ceremony held at St. Veronica’s School in Mt. Carmel on Friday, May 17th. The St. Veronica’s chorus presented a beautiful rendition of God Bless America and led the assembly in the the singing of The Star Spangled Banner. The local Boy Scout Troop Color Guard presented the Colors. The Honorable Stephanie K. Bowman officiated. Welcome citizens!




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Cincinnati SAR Attends May 10th Naturalization Ceremony

Cincinnati SAR Compatriot Jack Bredenfoerder welcomed 70 new citizens from 42 countries at a naturalization ceremony held at Potter Stewart Federal Courthouse on Friday, May 10th. The Honorable Beth A. Buchanan officiated. Welcome citizens!

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