Cincinnati SAR Compatriot Jerry Knight welcomed 42 new citizens at a naturalization ceremony on Tuesday, November 5th at the Potter Stewart Federal Courthouse. The Honorable Timothy Black officiated. Welcome citizens!

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16th Supplemental Certificate and Star awarded to Compatriot Bob Bowers

Compatriot Bowers, known in supplemental ancestor research circles as an overachiever, received his 16th award at the BOM Meeting of 6 November. Bob is gaining on Compatriot Shaun Smith, who continues to hold the lead in Cincinnati with 24 supplemental awards.

Congratulations Bob!

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Will Chelman is Inducted into the Cincinnati Chapter during the 6 November Board of Management Meeting

Kicking off our monthly BOM meeting, we had the privilege of inducting a new member into our fellowship.

Will Chelman, took the induction oath from Chapter President Lee Wilkerson while his dad, Jeff Chelman and his Chapter Mentor, Compatriot Larry Collins looked on. Will was presented with his Certificate of Membership and Compatriot Collins pinned the membership rosette to his jacket lapel.

Welcome to our Society and Fellowship of the Cincinnati Chapter!

p.s. Don’t forget to get your Dad signed up!

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Members of the Cincinnati, Highlanders & Hocking Hills Chapters March with Washington & Lafayette at Yorktowne

The evening before the Victoy Celebration some of us gathered around the tables of our favorite dinning room in Williamsburg, Virginia. We met at Christiana Campbell’s Tavern to be with friends and experience the pleasure of fellowship with our compatriots, our wives and our ancestors.

The occasion was the battlefield victory at Yorktowne. We came to pay homage to patriots that we know only from family archives and historical records, but we draw nearer to one another during the events of the weekend and the dinner in the hope of maybe experiencing the camaraderie they may have shared two hundred and thirty-eight years in the past. We enjoy the ambiance of the rooms in which we celebrate and we are clad in the uniforms of the day. Some of us had the honor of serving this country in our own day and somehow wonder if our experiences may not have been akin to theirs. We share in the brotherhood of their patriotism as we enjoy the liberty and privilege they sought for themselves, their families and ultimately gave to us.

Since 2017 the Cincinnati Chapter has coordinated with other chapters within the Ohio Society to build participation and passion in our most important Revolutionary War Milestones — the Battles of Monmouth, Guilford Courthouse, Saratoga, Princeton, Trenton & the Siege of Yorktowne.

This year at Yorktowne, as in past years, we payed homage to Virginia Governor and General Thomas Nelson. The colors were presented, eulogies were made and wreaths were placed by patriotic organizations from surrounding states. A little later in the morning the Victory Parade made its way past the Yorktown Victory Monument adjacent to the Battlefield and overlooking the York River and Gloucester Point.

Later, in the afternoon, we met at the DAR Memorial listing the patriots lost during the siege. Again, words were spoken and wreaths were placed as we remembered the courage of these original American Patriots.

Members of three Ohio SAR chapters at Mourn Arms during the Wreath Placement Service and Memorial Observance for Patriots at Yorktowne.

As the ceremony took place at a US National Battlefield Park, the firing of the traditional 3 vollies by musketry was not permitted. In lieu of the musketry, at the command of “Mourn Arms”, the Honor Guard grounded Regimental and Chapter Colors in tribute to their courage and sacrifice during October 1781.

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Cincinnati SAR Compatriot Jack Bredenfoerder welcomed 44 new citizens from 25 countries at a naturalization ceremony held at Potter Stewart Federal Courthouse on Tuesday, October 29th. The Honorable Stephanie K. Bowman officiated. Welcome citizens!

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Letter from the chaplain

Dear Compatriot;

            Please mark your calendar for Tuesday night,  November 12th, 7 p. m.  Our conference call speaker will be The Rev. Dr. Steve Brown, of the nationwide Key Life Radio Broadcast.  His topic is:

Living out our Faith and Values in a Post-Modern Culture

Dr. Brown has been a friend and a mentor in my life since 1990.  He has had a long and distinguished Pastoral career.  For over 20 years he has taught preaching at Reformed Theological Seminary, and now can be heard nationwide through his Key Life Radio Broadcast.  We are living in a changing culture.  Understanding our culture will do much to help form and shape our SAR program and outreach efforts.  This knowledge will also enable us to live out our lives with greater wisdom and winsomeness.

Dr. Brown is a gifted speaker and is much in demand. 

Remember Tuesday night, November 12th, at 7 p.m. 

Dial in on the following number:

            (425) 535-9510

            Code 2425267#

Protocols to be followed: 

·         Be on the line before 7 o’clock

·         After saying hello, place your phone on mute so that there will be no background noise.

·         Towards the end of Dr. Brown’s presentation, he may open it up for a time of Q n A.

            This is a part of our Chaplain’s outreach program, which I have innovated as Chaplain for the State of Ohio.  Our local Chaplains have been fantastic, and they are the ones that do the heavy lifting, in terms of needs within their own Chapter.  These are men of prayer and solid faith, and I have come to value them so much. 

            You are free to invite your friends, family, church or synagogue friends to get on the line and experience what will prove to be an informative, inspirational, and educational event.  I’m asking all Chapter Presidents and Chaplains to rally the troops as it were.  It’s going to be a high time.  If you have any questions please email me at

Dr. Ed Bonniwell

Ohio SAR State Chaplain

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Cincinnati Chapter SAR Youth Education Committee Teaches Revolutionary War History to Students at Royalmont Academy

On Tuesday, 15 October 2019 Gregg Ballman, Dan Schmitz, and Mark Holland made 3 half-hour presentations each to students at the Royalmont Academy in Kings Mills.  Gregg made a detailed presentation on the Declaration of Independence.  Dan talked about the 10 Crucial Days at the Battles of Trenton, Assunpunk Creek and Princeton.  Mark brought many items of 18th century living to give the students a feeling of what it might have been like to live at that time.

There was one group of  seven 7th graders and two groups totaling  11 juniors and seniors .  History teacher Christine Gladding explained that the students had just recently completed studies of the American Revolution and that our timing couldn’t have been better.

The students were all very attentive and asked pertinent questions.   It was a great pleasure to interact with these students.

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