Cincinnati Chapter SAR 2019 Independence Day Memorial

Michael B. Gunn, Ph.D.
Past President, Patriot Graves Chair CCSAR

Photos by Doug Blake and Paul Collette

The Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution held their Independence Day Memorial for 2019 at 2:00 PM July 6th, 2019 at the Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum Revolutionary War Soldier’s Memorial with sixteen members in attendance, the largest number since we established the memorial in 2014. The Revolutionary War Sites and Patriot Graves Committee and the Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard plans and executes this memorial for the Cincinnati SAR Chapter.

This Memorial honors the 55 Revolutionary Patriots on these hallowed grounds:

Silas Howell, Stephen Wheeler, Jeremiah French, James Gowdy, Luther Halsey who will be singled out during the 2019 Ceremony and Benjamin Bassett,  Isaac Bates,  Jason Bushnell,  Christopher Cary,  Lucius Chapin,  Abraham Chase,I saac Drake, Abner Martin Dunn,  Robert Elliott, William Goforth, , Abner Hatch,  James Hathorn,  Fredrick Horne,  John H. Hudson, John Jackson, James Kemper, Peter Kemper, Richard Keys,  George Leibee,  James Lyon, John Ludlow, Alexander Oliver, John Riddle,  John Sellman, Elisha  Shepard, Philip Sloat, Oliver Spencer, Charles Vattier, David Wade, Christopher Walker,  Benjamin Wood, Ballard Smith, John Mills, Joshua Wyeth, Casper Hopple, James Irwin, Robert Orr, Oliver Martin, John Sloan Wallace, Edward Miller, Hezekiah Flint, Jesse Hunt, John Mercer, Amos White, Cornelius Sedam, Oliver Martin,  William Brown, Matthew Lawler, Spencer Cooper, Phillip Coke who are all honored.

In addition, on this special day we shall once again give remembrance to all those who risked to safeguard our liberties on and around the field of battle during the 240 years since the founding of these United States of America with this pledge: We, the members of the Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution Re- dedicate this marked Memorial to the glory of God and in the recognition of the memory of these honorable Patriots of the American Revolution and others in battles fought since.

The following members participated this year:  Lee Wilkerson, George H. Stewart, Jr., Shaun P. Smith, Charles Ernst Rogers, John Bradley Jarard, Gary L. Duffield, Clayton Lowell Crandall, Robert Edmund R. Bowers, Ralph E. Bonniwell, Michael J. Blum, Gregory D. Ballman, Robert Sturm, Larry W. Collins, Michael B. Gunn, Jim Houston and Douglas Blake.

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Cincinnati Compatriot and Color Guard Member Jason Bourgeois Celebrates Independence Day with the SAR in San Antonio

Cross of BurgandyOn July 4th, 2019 the 35th Annual Fourth of July Patriotic Ceremony was held at the Fort Sam Houston National Cemetery.  The two flags posted at the event were the American flag and the Cross of Burgundy.  Cincinnati Compatriot Jason Bourgeois attended in the uniform of the Revolutionary War Louisiana Regiment and placed a Memorial Wreath honoring our Revolutionary War Patriot Ancestors during the ceremony.



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Cincinnati Chapter SAR Attends July 3rd Naturalization Ceremony

Cincinnati SAR Compatriot Jerry Knight attended a naturalization ceremony on July 3rd at the Potter Stewart Federal Courthouse. The compatriots welcomed 66 new citizens. The Honorable Honorable Karen L. Litkovitz officiated. Welcome citizens!


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Cincinnati Chapter SAR Compatriot Presents the Colors in Cerritos, California

20190704-CIncinnati-SAR-Sons-of-the-American-Revolution-Let-Freedom-Ring-California-02Cincinnati SAR Immediate Past President Jack Bredenfoerder served as member of the SAR National Color Guard at the July Fourth “Let Freedom Ring” celebration in Cerritos, California. The National Color Guard presented the Colors to a crowd of about 2,500 people. President General Warren Alter offered a welcome greeting then a mini replica of the Liberty Bell was rung thirteen times in honor of our first thirteen states. Earlier in the day, the community experienced  a 4.0 aftershock from a 6.4 earthquake in the Mohave Desert. Compatriot Bredenfoerder was actually driving across the desert at the time of the quake, but didn’t notice the movement due to the motion of the car. It was definitely a “California” July Fourth experience to remember and feel grateful for in many ways!


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Cincinnati SAR Participates in Liberty Tree Re-dedication July 4, 2019 in Golf Manor OH

20190704-Cincinnati-SAR-Sons-of-the-American-Revolution-Ohio-Liberty-Tree-Event-01Posting of Colors: By the Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard
Pledge of Allegiance: Cincinnati SAR 250th Chair Robert E.R. Bowers
Introductions: Village Administrator Ron Hirth
Proclamation: Mayor Greg Schwartzberg
Invocation: Gary Duffield, Cincinnati SAR
Reveal: 2019 Golf Manor Grand Marshals; Past Mayor, Alan Zaffiro & Wife with Assistance of Camp Follower Carrie Blum, Fort Hamilton CAR
Dedication: Michael Gunn, Past President Cincinnati SAR

We the Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution come here today at the beginning of our Semiquincentennial Celebration (250 years) of the founding of our country to re-dedicate this Liberty Tree.

Hence, on this day we pause with grateful hearts to remember patriot ancestors who stood firm on Lexington Green and the Old North Bridge at Concord, Massachusetts; who responded to the call to stand up for given rights. May we emulate what those brave souls began and dedicate our lives to preserving their legacy, which is a free and independent nation known as the United States of America, exampled here by this Liberty Tree that we re-dedicate here today.

God bless America!

• Musket Salute: NCMCG
• Retiring the Colors:

NSSAR Liberty Tree Re-dedications and Celebrations History:

In the years leading up to the American Revolution, a mature elm tree near Boston Common became a gathering place for patriots, where they discussed American ideas of liberty and planned resistance to British tyranny. They called the elm the Liberty Tree. Soon, Liberty Trees were designated in towns throughout the colonies as powerful symbols and gathering places. The Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia features a full-scale replica of a Liberty Tree in its core exhibition. At the ground breaking celebration, the roots of the contemporary Liberty Tree were enriched with soils collected from battlefields, encampments, homes and other sites where the American Revolution was fought and won. Often, these soil samples were collected and submitted by members of the SAR.

On 14 August 1765, a crowd gathered in Boston under a large elm tree at the corner of Essex Street and Washington Street, originally called Orange Street, to protest the hated Stamp Act. Patriots who later called themselves the Sons of Liberty had hung in effigy Andrew Oliver, the colonist chosen by King George III to impose the Stamp Act, in the branches of the tree. Up in the tree with the effigy hung a British cavalry jackboot. Grinning from inside the boot was a devil-like doll holding a scroll marked “Stamp Act.” It was the first public show of defiance against the Crown and spawned the resistance that led to the American Revolutionary War ten years later. On 10 September 1765 a sign saying “Tree of Liberty” was nailed to the trunk of the tree.

Whenever the event is held, it is an opportunity to engage in our basic SAR objects: historic, patriotic, and educational. It emphasizes more than most activities the genesis of our most important rights – the freedom of speech and the right to assembly – and how Liberty Trees contributed to our independence from Britain.

The Liberty Tree is a disease- resistant Elm tree which was granted to Amberley Village by the Elm Research Institute in 2009. Roselawn and Golf Manor also received trees. Golf Manor’s tree died after planting and is now being replaced for today’s ceremony.

Attending members of the Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard:
Mike Blum
Bob Bowers
Mike Gunn
Gerry Knight
Chuck Rogers
George Stewart
Michael Gunn, Event Commander
Gary Duffield
And Carrie Blum, member Fort Hamilton CAR

Research and Event Preparation by: Gregg Ballman & Mike Gunn, past Fire Chief’s Golf Manor Ohio.


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Cincinnati Chapter SAR Marches in the Montgomery, OH Independence Day Parade

CCSAR Compatriots Gregg Ballman, Doug Blake, Ed Bonniwell, Clay Crandall, Zac Haines, Jeff Hartman, Andy Hess, Ethan Hess, Tom Hess, Brad Jarard, Connor Smith, Shaun Smith, Gordon Stokley and Chapter President Lee Wilkerson marched in the Madeira Independence Day parade on July 3. The Chapter Banner was carried by Doug Blake and Gordon Stokley. The banner was followed by General George Washington (Zac Haines). General Washington was a crowd favorite. General Washington called for cheers to America during the route and got the crowd cheering. Our Camp Follower Macey Smith and Compatriots Andy, Ethan and Tom Hess passed out small Betsy Ross flags made by the National Flag Company to the crowd on the parade route.




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Cincinnati Chapter SAR Participates in the 2019 Madeira, Ohio Independence Day Parade

CCSAR Compatriots Gregg Ballman, Ed Bonniwell, Bob Bowers, Clay Crandall, Gary Duffield, Zac Haines, Jeff Hartman, Brad Jarard, Chuck Rogers, Shaun Smith and Chapter President Lee Wilkerson marched in the Madeira Independence Day parade on July 3. The Chapter Banner was carried by Gary Duffield and Chuck Rogers. The banner was followed by General George Washington (Zac Haines). General Washington was a crowd favorite. Our two Camp Followers, Emma Hartman and Macey Smith that passed out small Betsy Ross flags made by the National Flag Company to the crowd on the parade route..


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