Cincinnati Chapter visits Saratoga for Battle of Saratoga Commemoration on 14 September

Cincinnati SAR Past President Jack Bredenfoerder was a guest member of the Saratoga Battlefield SAR Color Guard for a memorial service at the Saratoga Battlefield in Saratoga, New York. The ceremony was held on Sunday, September 15th and was sponsored by the Saratoga Battle Chapter SAR, The Saratoga Chapter DAR and Saratoga area C.A.R. Compatriot Bredenfoerder laid a wreath on behalf of the Germany Society SAR. Compatriot Bredenfoerder has several ancestors who lived near Saratoga during the Revolution War. For this reason, he memorialized their history by becoming a dual member of the Saratoga Battle Chapter SAR. We thank the Saratoga Battle Chapter SAR for their hospitality and a fine tribute to those who fought in this very  important Revolutionary War battle.


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Cincinnati Chapter attends US Citizenship Naturalization at Miami University Hamilton Campus on Tuesday, Sept 17th

Cincinnati SAR Compatriots Jerry Knight, Jack Bredenfoerder and Derrell Sergent welcomed 99 new U.S. Citizens from 47 different countries at a naturalization ceremony held at the Miami University Hamilton Campus on Tuesday, Sept 17th. The Honorable Stephanie K. Bowman officiated. Also bringing greetings to the new citizens, were Miami University President Gregory P. Crawford and Hamilton Mayor Patrick Moeller. Officers from the Butler County Sheriff’s Office posted and retired the Colors.1112


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Cincinnati Chapter Kicks off its 2019/2020 Youth Education Program at Turpin High School

Educational outreach is a very important objective of our chapter. The first school presentation of the season was at Turpin High School. Students listened intently to different topics regarding the American Revolution.  We started this year’s History Teaching Campaign at Turpin High School on 23 August! This event will be quickly followed by six other events as the fall season progresses.


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The Cincinnati Chapter of the SAR Celebrates Constitution Week with the Cincinnati & Clough Valley Chapters of the DAR

This past Saturday Afternoon, 14 September 2019, members of the Cincinnati Chapter SAR and Regents of the Cincinnati & Clough Valley Chapters DAR convened at the Mariemont Inn’s Tudor Room to celebrate and Observe Constitution Week—September 14 thru 21, 2019.  The observances were begun with the presetation of our National Colors by the Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard led by Commander Mike Gunn with Compatriots Clay Crandall, Gary Duffield, Mike Blum and Chuck Rogers doing the honors.  Opening Prayer and Blessing was provided by Kerry Langdon.

After the formalities of the day had been observed we enjoyed a luncheon with freins and fellow compatriots and then an opportunity to hear Dr. Glenn Spann of Asbury College speaking on the origins and intentions captured in our United States Constitution.  The comments made by Dr. Spann offered fresh insight into our understanding of one of our greatest national treasures and inspired a number of pointed questions and follow on discussion from the attending audience as well as a number of invitations to Dr. Spann to visit other organizations as a speaker on this topic.

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Cincinnati Chapter SAR Presents a Patriot’s Day Program at the Garfield Middle School this past Friday, September 13, 2019

The Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution (CCSAR) and the American Spirit Education Alliance (ASEA) participated in the 3rd Annual Patriot Fair at the Garfield Middle School in Hamilton Ohio on Friday, September 13, 2019 from 8 AM until 3:15 PM. This event was scheduled to take place at the beginning of the school’s fall term.

The Youth Program Volunteers presented seven different topics at the Patriots Day Program held in the Garfield Middle School’s Gymnasium. The outreach delivered each of those topics to about 900 students with their history teachers present so they may use the introduction for future classroom learning. Mr. Matt Wilson and a new Principal at Garfield school, who is totally committed to what we are doing, enabled this great opportunity to us at their 3rd Annual Patriot Fair.

The presentation Stations and Presenters were:

1 Artifacts of the Late 18th Century by Michael Gunn (CCSAR)

2 Washington’s Crossing by Dan Schmitz (CCSAR)

3 The Role of African Americans in the American Revolution by Mark Holland (CCSAR)

4 The Battle of Brooklyn Heights by Bob Bowers (CCSAR)

5 Yorktown Experience by Dr. Ed Boniwell (CCSAR)

6 George Washington Experience by Zachary Haines (CCSAR)

7 The Constitution Experience by Matthew Byrne (ASEA)

2019 Garfield MS 1left to right — Ed Bonniwell, Matt Byrnes, Zach Haines, Bob Bowers, Dan Schmitz, Mike Gunn and Matt Holland

2019 Garfield MS 2A group of Special Needs students, Their teacher and presenter Michael Gunn



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The Cincinnati Chapter Revisits 1788

cabinThe Columbia Settlement in Southwest Ohio began on November 18, 1788. A flatboat of 26 brave souls, led by Major Benjamin Sites, pulled to the Kentucky side of the Ohio River, just past the mouth of the Little Miami River, and cautiously sent a canoe full of men across to scout for hostile Native American said to be waiting in ambush. None were found. The women and others were quickly brought ashore. A prayer of thanksgiving was held in the thickets near the shore. When the prayers had ended, the men set about constructing what would be known Columbia. This was the first of three settlements of John Cleves Symmes’ Miami Purchase. Columbia soon blossomed into the largest of these three communities. The Cincbradinnati Chapter assisted the the Heritage Village Museum, in Sharon Woods, in bringing the Columbia settlement back to life. Compatriots Greg Ballman, Gary Duffield, Brad Jarard and George Stewart helped turn back the year to 1788. Lead by Compatriot Jarard, demonstrations were given on Revolutionary War uniforms and weapons.  There was period music, log hewing, hearth cooking and fabric spinning on display. Major Benjamin Sites and Sergeant William Brown made appearances throughout the park.  With other interpreters in the area, it was a very entertaining afternoon.


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New Cincinnati Chapter Membership Celebrated!

Coming back to our first Board of Management meeting after an annual summer break, we had the privilege of welcoming nine new members to our society and fellowship.  On the 4th of September, the following new compatriots were welcomed to the membership:  Zachary Robert Snider, David Preston Snider, Mark Randall Snider, Douglas Lowell Blake, Craig Ledford, Douglas V. Smith, Philip Carl Davis, Benjamin Jacob Carter and Arnold Halcomb.

Unfortunately, Zachary Snider, a member of our Armed Forces, was recently deployed to South Korea and was unable to join us for this ceremony.  His father, Randy Snider, will be visiting Zach in Korea shortly and has been equipped with the materials that will allow him to induct his son into the society during his visit.



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