CCSAR Educates for Local History Event

On September 19th the historical presentation wing of the Nolan Carson Color Guard performed at the Liberty Township Heritage Festival. This was a fantastic event and may have been the best event of a year without many opportunities such as this. Located in Dudley Woods community park, the SAR had a early 19th century log cabin as a backdrop for our presentation. The unit performed drill and firing demonstrations for the crowd, including a bayonet charge.

Highlights included the families of unit members Mark Holland and Jeff Hartman. Each family set up a period tent and camp display and entertained the crowd with lectures of camp life of the era. We even had a visit from the 68th Regiment of Foot’s drummer, Bart Hendershot, who talked about the life of a drummer during the war. Compatriots Ed Bonniwell and Dan Schmitz each presented special topics to the attendees. Although there were many scheduled events, for the most part it was answering varied questions about the Revolutionary War. The Cincinnati SAR looks forward to more events like this in the future.

CCSAR Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard included: Bob Bowers, Chuck Rogers, Clay Crandall, George Stewart, Mike Blum, Brad Jarad, Dan Schmitz and Guest Drummer, Bart Hendershot,

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Summer Recess Ends… the Cincinnati Chapter BOM Meetings Resume!

Cincinnati launched the second semester of its BOM Meeting this past Wednesday, 2nd of September at the outdoor picnic pavilion at the Syrian Shrine on Reading Rd.

The turnout was good with four new members being inducted into the Chapter. New member inductions are always a favorite event. New folks joining the fellowship and new opportunities to work with guys passionate about their lineage and heritage! Our new compatriots are: Timothy James Madden, John Andrew Wilson, Brent Neil Walker and Jerry Wayne Anson. Welcome aboard gentlemen–glad to have you with us!

President Wilkerson administers the SAR Oath of Allegiance to our new Compatriots. Compatriots with right hands raised from L to R: Brent Walker, Tim Madden, Andrew Wilson & Jerry Anson
We also had a new Supplemental Application approved for Scott Freeman’s ancestor

We moved on from Inductions to National Awards! Cincinnati Chapter received numerous awards from the National Society for its performance in the many of the Patriotic Campaigns sponsored by the Society:

President General’s Education Outreach Streamer – Cincinnati Chapter
The Liberty Bell Americanism Award and Streamer – Cincinnati Chapter
President General’s Chapter Activities Competition Award – Cincinnati Chapter
The President General’s Cup – Cincinnati Chapter

Cincinnati Chapter Vice President Greg Ballman receiving the Cincinnati Chapter’s National Awards from Ohio Society President Lee Wilkerson

The Harold L. Putnam Award and
National Certificate of Appreciation – Jack Bredenfoerder

Jack Bredenfoerder receives Congratulations on his Awards

Col Stewart Boone McCarty Award – Ed Bonniwell

Chaplain Bonniwell receives his certificate but wants to know where the prize money is!

The Liberty Medal Award – Franz Ott
(no Photo)
3rd Place Brochure Contest – Jackson S. Torrans
(no Photo)

250th Anniversary Medal Silver – Michael Gunn
250th Anniversary Medal Bronze – Ed Bonniwell, Bob Bowers & Greg Ballman

Awarding the first 250th Anniversary awards to presented in The Ohio Society SAR

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President Donald J. Trump Announces Intent to Nominate and Appoint Individuals to Key Administration Posts

Issued on: August 20, 2020

Today, President Donald J. Trump announced his intent to nominate the following individuals to key positions in his Administration:

Zachary T. Haines, of Ohio, to be a Member of the Board of Trustees of the Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation

Zachary T. Haines is an entrepreneur who currently serves as the CEO for Distributor Partners of America.  Under his leadership, the organization grew from approximately 67 distributors to more than 1,000 companies in the industrial, safety, and facility maintenance industries. In 2018, he was appointed to serve a nine-year term on the Board of Trustees for Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

Mr. Haines is actively involved in the Sons of the American Revolution, having at least ten ancestors who served or furnished material aid to the cause of liberty in the Revolutionary War.  In this capacity, he chairs an annual patriotic essay contest for high school students and honors local ROTC cadets and midshipmen.

Mr. Haines earned his B.S. from Miami University, located in Oxford, Ohio.

Many of Zac’s SAR Compatriots recognize him as… “His Excellency, General George Washington”.

After Senate Confirmation, Zac will serve well with his Fellow Trustees at the… Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation:

Honorable Madeleine Albright
President, Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation

Honorable Roy Blunt
United States Senate

Steven H. Cohen
Attorney, Cohen Law Group

Honorable Laura Cordero
Associate Judge, DC Superior Court

Clifton Truman Daniel
Secretary, Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation
Honorary Chairman, Board of the Truman Library Institute

Honorable Ted Deutch
United States House of Representatives

Betsy DeVos
United States Secretary of Education

Honorable Kay Granger
United States House of Representatives

Ingrid Gregg
Program Director, The Bradley Foundation

Michael W. Hail
Professor of Government, Morehead State University

Westbrook Murphy
General Counsel, Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation

Terry Babcock Lumish
Executive Secretary, Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation

Honorable Brian Schatz
United States Senate

Frederick Slabach
Treasurer, Harry S. Truman Scholarship Foundation
President, Texas Wesleyan University

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There Was Some Skepticism on Whether or Not the Boyz From Kentucky Could Pull It Off…

But They Did!

And They Did It in Truly Grand Fashion!

BLMONThis past Saturday morning August 15th at 10:00 AM, I reported to my home office fully dressed with Medals and Ribbons for the Battle of Blue Licks Remembrance Ceremony sponsored by the Kentucky Society SAR.

The Pandemic tried hard to drive us all underground, but Kentucky managed to produce a hybrid ceremonial event that combined the best of SAR Protocol with the nuance of virtual attendance and participation by a host of twelve State SAR Societies as well as many DAR and CAR Societies and over forty separate Chapters.

Indiana Society, NSSAR – Allen Manning, 3rd District Vice President
Ohio Society, NSSAR – Turner Lee Wilkerson III, State President
Virginia Society, NSSAR – Bill Schwetke, State President
South Carolina Society, NSSAR – Dan Woodruff, Trustee/Past State President
Georgia Society, NSSAR – Kenneth Scott Collins, Immediate Past State President
Tennessee Society, NSSAR – Walter Timoschuk
Delaware Society, NSSAR – Patrick Kelly
Michigan Society, NSSAR – Paul Callanan, Past State President
Florida Color Guard, FLSSAR – Dwight Elam, State Chaplain
International Society, NSSAR – Brooks Lyles, Vice Commander National Color Guard
French Society, NSSAR – Patrick Kelly
Maryland Society, NSSAR – Mike Kelley, 2nd Vice President and Chapters
Kentucky Society, NSDAR – Carol Rogow, State Regent
Georgia Society, NSCAR – Noah Tindall, State Chaplain
Maryland Society, NSCAR – Emma Weltz, State Corresponding Secretary
The National Huguenot Society – William Floyd
Ohio Society Daughters of Founders and Patriots – Rose Isgrigg, State President

Reporting virtually from the Ohio Society and its Chapters, placing Floral Honors and serving as members of the virtual Color Guard were:

Bob Hill, Ohio Society Color Guard Commander
Bob Bowers, Cincinnati Chapter Youth Education Committee Chairman
Dr. Ed Bonniwell, Ohio Society & Cincinnati Chapter Chaplain
Rev Matt Hardman, Hocking Valley Chapter President & Chaplain
Greg Ballman, Cincinnati Chapter 1st Vice President
George Stewart, Cincinnati Chapter 2nd Vice President
Don Miller, Benjamin Franklin Chapter President
Scott Moody, Lt. George Ewing Chapter President
Gary Duffield, Highlanders Chapter President

A good turnout by our Ohio Compatriots! 

One of our members even reporting virtually and placing a Wreath from his hospital room dressed appropriately in hospital gown and cocked hat!

Kentucky Society truly did superior work in staging and executing this event.  It provides an inspiration to the rest of us to become even more imaginative and creative in the presentation of our National Story.  The event was live streamed via You Tube and is available to be viewed at:

Once again, “Hats Off” to Kentucky Society SAR!

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A 4th of July Celebration of Revolutionary War Heroes

This past Saturday afternoon at 2:00 pm the Cincinnati Chapter honored six Patriot Heroes of the American Revolution.  The patriots listed herein have rested in the Old Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Cemetery (renamed the Sycamore Township Memorial Cemetery) since the early 1800’s. 

The Story Behind the Event

Some years ago, the Veteran’s Administration provided headstones for the graves of four of the patriots but due to an error in historical records the patriots were thought to rest in a cemetery located in Mt. Carmel, OH.  The installers of the headstones confused the Mount Carmel, OH Cemetery with the Old Mt. Carmel Baptist Church Cemetery. As a result, the headstones stood erroneously in the wrong cemetery for about 20 years.  That error has been corrected and the headstones were properly located and in place for the Independence Day Grave Marking Ceremony at the gravesites of the patriots!

Ferris Sr., John   P-157724
Felter, Matthias   P-157300
Hubble, Gershom   P-187091
Neves, William   P-255508
Ferris, Isaac   P-157678
Lee, Adam   P-334287

Special Guests

We were honored to have Mr. David Kent Holwadel, a descendant of Patriot John Ferris, Sr. with us for the ceremony.

Special guests for the event included Sycamore Township Trustee Tom Jones who presented the Cincinnati Chapter with a Township Resolution proclaiming the Fourth of July as Sons of the American Revolution Day in Sycamore Township.

Ms. Gloria D’Andrea and Mr. Standish Fortin of the Sycamore Township Historical Society were in attendance and recognized.  Both had been instrumental in coordinating the activity between the Township and Cincinnati Chapter.

United States Senator Rob Portman and his Southwest Ohio District Director, Nan Cahall were also in attendance, paying their respect to the Heroes of the American Revolution.

The Hopewell, Clough Valley and The Nathaniel Sackett Chapters of the Daughters of the American Revolution as well as the Fort Hamilton Chapter of the Children of the American Revolution attended and placed wreaths at the graves.

Hopewell Chapter DAR attendees were:  Ms. Donna Vanover – Recording Secretary and Ms. Beth Dietrich – Chapter Member

Clough Valley Chapter DAR attendee was Ms. Tiffany Niehaus – Treasurer

Nathaniel Sackett Chapter DAR Attendees were Ms. Nancy Hutton – Vice Regent, Ms. Phyllis Hutton  Nancy’s mother and Ms. Jan Gould believed to be a descendant of John and Isaac Ferris, two of the patriots being honored in the ceremony.

Fort Hamilton Chapter C.A.R. Attendee was Ms. Emmie Blum

The Formal Ceremony

The day’s program kicked off with a short lesson in Revolutionary War History by Color Guard Commander Brad Jarard.  This element of the ceremony had been taken from the chapter’s Living History Curriculum.

The day’s program was led by the Cincinnati Chapter Vice President, Greg Ballman.

The Reverend Dr. R. Edgar Bonniwell, Ohio Society Chaplain convened the gathering with an opening prayer.

The Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard presented Military Honors for our Patriot Ancestors commencing with the Presentation of Colors and the singing of the National Anthem led by Ohio Society SAR vice President Jack Bredenfoerder.

The day’s keynote speaker was the Ohio Society President, Lee Wilkerson.  President Wilkerson graciously kept his remarks short in consideration of the heat index.

The markers were then unveiled and members of the attending guests were called forward to place their wreaths before the Grave Stones and Markers.

Many Wreaths were presented, and the Ceremony was concluded with a 21 Gun Musket Salute, the playing of Amazing Grace by Scottish Bag Piper Mr. Gerry Kelly Fritsch and the benediction by Chaplain Bonniwell.

The Cincinnati Chapter Attending

The Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard
Brad Jarard, Color Guard Commander
Michael Gunn, Color Guard Deputy Commander
Mike Blum, Ohio Society Treasurer
Clay Crandall, Cincinnati Chapter Secretary
Ed Bonniwell, Ohio Society Chaplain
George Stewart, Cincinnati Chapter Vice President
Jack Bredenfoerder, Ohio Society Vice President
Emmie Blum, Camp Follower Doug Blake
Chuck Rogers
Gary Duffield
Jeff Hartman
Josh Hartman
Jacob Hartman
Dan Schmitz

Non-Uniformed Chapter Members Attending
Gregg Ballman, Chapter Vice President
Lee Wilkerson, Ohio Society President
Jim Houston
Kenny Burck
Gordon Stokely
Jeff Sevier
Larry Collins
Robert Sturm
Gerry Hounchell

New Image4

New Image14

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Sometimes You Really Have to Search to Find a Parade!

And that was the case for the Ohio Society SAR President on this Fourth of July!

Most, if not all, of the local Community Parades in and around Cincinnati had been cancelled due to the COVID-19 Pandemic.  Many members of our Chapters and Ohio Society have been left with the task of trying to make this very special day for all Americans a memorable one.  In contrast to the larger cancelled events, an announcement in our neighborhood Facebook page mentioned that the Beechwood Farms Neighborhood Independence Day Parade would go on as tradition demanded.  This opportunity was too good to pass up!  The Parade kicked off at 9 AM with the boys of Union Township Fire Department Leading the way…

4 July 1

They were followed by every youngster in the neighborhood on their highly decorated bicycles, tricycle, scooters, electric cars and of course, on foot!  The beauty of it all was the passion experienced not just because the kids were marching—but they were learning!  Their parents were encouraging their lesson in our National Heritage.

4 July 2

With each new generation, the discovery of who we are begins anew in the minds of our youngest citizens—it is a lifelong experience.  Learning of our past and how it informs our future and the truth of our uniquely American Character takes place every day of our lives.

4 July 3

But, the lessons learned are really a lot of fun when you are young—even when you are getting older it is truly joyful to see the learning experience in the smiles and brightness of young eyes!

Happy Birthday America….

We Are 244 Years Old Today!

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WW II Veteran is Honored on his 95th Birthday

On Sunday June 28th, 2020, the Cincinnati Chapter of the SAR, under the leadership of President Lee Wilkerson conducted a beautiful ceremony at Hillside Church honoring Associate Pastor Russ Coburn, 95 years young and going strong, presenting him with the Good Citizen Medal and Certificate with appreciation extended for his brave service in WWII.

The Rev. Russ Coburn was a C-47 Flyboy in WWII, flying the Hump in the Burma campaign under Gen. Stillwell.  The planes carried thousands of gallons of gasoline to desperately needed troops to maintain the American/ Chinese advance.  The entire congregation at Hillside thrilled at the moment and for Rev Coburn it came as a complete and delightful surprise!  At Hillside Church and throughout the city many have the highest regards for Pastor Coburn!

 Special thanks is extended to Dan Schmidt, Chuck Rogers, Jack Bredenfoerder, and Clay Crandall who participated in full uniform!  Dr Ed Bonniwell, host Pastor and SAR Chaplain for the Ohio Society SAR, observed the ceremony with great delight as Pastor Coburn has been Dr. Bonniwell’s associate since 1983!

The saints of the Hillside Church were all deeply moved by the recognition ceremony, conducted with great dignity by President Lee.  The well wishes and language employed made the whole event most ennobling ! This was truly a memorable and beautiful time.

Because Hillside is a “Church without walls, meeting at the Quality Inn in Blue Ash, our Color Guard really impressed the manger/owner and the guest that were present!  After the service the saints had a luncheon in the Hotel Restaurant and one kid came and asked if those “old time soldiers would be coming back?”  I told him “yes, and that in time they would be back.“  Continental Soldiers always captivate the public and cause all to remember our fight for freedom!


Submitted by Dr. Ed Bonniwell SAR Ohio State Chaplain

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Our Nation’s Flag is 243 Years Young! Flag Day 14 June 2020

Colonial Stars & Stripes

A formal Flag Raising was held on 14 June 2020 at Cincinnati’s Wesleyan Memorial Cemetery by the Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard in Honor of the Grand Old Flag!

Flag Day

14 June 2020

The official flag of the United states was adopted by the Second Continental Congress on June 14, 1777.  The resolution that passed stated:  “Resolved, That the flag of the thirteen United States be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the union be thirteen stars, white in a blue field, representing a new constellation.”

By Proclamation, President Woodrow Wilson in 1916, officially established June 14 as Flag Day.

By an Act of the United States Congress on August 3, 1949, National Flag Day was established.

There were many flags prior to 1777 that represented the hopes and ideals of  “We the People.”

There has been just one American Flag over this Nation since June 14, 1777.

Music and songs have been written in honor this symbol…

The Star-Spangled Banner—by Francis Scott Key in 1814

When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again—by Patrick Gilmore in 1863

The Yankee Doodle Boy—by George M. Cohan in 1904

You’re a Grand Old Flag—by George Cohen in 1906

Ragged Old Flagby Johnny Cash in 1974

Courtesy of the Red, White & Blueby Toby Keith in 2002

It has been carried into battle against enemies of this Nation and the ideals it holds precious—Life, Liberty & the Pursuit of Happiness.

It has inspired millions of American Patriots that fought to defend their home and land against enemies, both foreign and domestic.

It is the flag that inspired perseverance during our darkest days of conflict.

It has never been a symbol of Conquest—but, only a symbol of Hope and the Promise of Liberty in foreign lands where oppression and domination of human dignity has attempted to flourish.

It flies over American Cemeteries in foreign lands—the only foreign land we asked to keep—so that American Patriots that have given their lives in defense of the many that could not defend themselves—might Rest in Peace.

It is the flag that you & I pledged our allegiance to as children and students once upon a time in our schools.

It is the flag that used to fly on the screens of TV’s and Movie Theaters at the end of the show or broadcast day.

It is the flag that is burned, stepped on and desecrated by today’s enemies of democracy, both foreign and domestic.

It is the flag that many of my ancestors fought under in foreign lands…

It is the flag that I fought under in foreign wars…

It is the flag that draped the coffins of American Patriots when their lives were ended!

It is the flag that draped the coffins of my father and grandfathers!

It is the flag that will drape my coffin when my days have ended!



Members present:

  • President Ohio Society SAR Lee Wilkerson
  • 2nd Vice President Ohio Society SAR – Jack Bredenfoerder
  • Chaplain Ohio Society SAR – Ed Bonniwell
  • 1st Vice President Cincinnati Chapter – Greg Ballman
  • 2nd Vice President Cincinnati Chapter – George Stewart
  • Past President Cincinnati Chapter – Mike Gunn
  • President Highlanders Chapter – Gary Duffield
  • Compatriot – Gordon Stokley
  • Compatriot – Doug Blake
  • Compatriot – Dan Schmitz
  • Compatriot – Chuck Rogers

104427423_3055001334580142_5701935061417458587_o - Copy

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The Middletown Pioneer Cemetery ~ Wednesday, 10 June 2020

On a  brilliantly bright Springtime Wednesday afternoon, members of the Cincinnati Chapter met to solemnly mark at the grave sites and remember three heroes of the American Revolution.

  • Reverend James Grimes  P-170930 (1760-1846) Reverend Grimes served with Virginia and was taken Prisoner at Battle of Charleston.
  • David Heaton  P-178990 (1742-1839) Patriot Heaton served as a private in New Jersey with the “Batteries of the Jersies”.
  • Joseph Lummis  P-239662 (1760-1836) Patriot Lummis served as drummer in New Jersey.

Ohio Society President Lee Wilkerson was the Master of Ceremonies and the keynote speaker.  With members of the Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard present to render military honors to our ancestral veterans of the War for Independence.

Wreaths were placed over the graves, in spite of the windy conditions prevailing during the ceremony, by Cincinnati Chapter past-President Mike Gunn on behalf of the Indiana Society SAR, Highlanders Chapter President Gary Duffield, Compatriot Ken Burck on behalf of the Cincinnati Chapter and President Lee Wilkerson on behalf of the Ohio Society SAR.

The Patriot’s role call was made by Compatriot Jim Houston, Taps was rendered by Compatriot Gordon Stokely on the bugle.

This event had been in the planning stages for almost two years and had originally been slated for this past Patriot’s Day.  Unfortunately, COVID-19 forced a cancellation of many of the City of Middletown dignitaries and family descendants.

Additional members of the Cincinnati Chapter present and participating included: Compatriot Bob Sturm, Dan Scmitz, Gerry Hounschell, Chaplain Ed Bonniwell, 1st Vice President Greg Ballman, Ohio Society 2nd Vice President Jack Bredenfoerder,


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A 6th of June 2020 Reboot for the Cincinnati Chapter as we Hopefully Begin to See a Light at the End of the Covid-19 Tunnel

A bunch of us got together in the Blue Ash Room of the quality Inn in Blue Ash to welcome four brand new Compatriots to our Chapter:

  • Compatriot Alton Jackson Wallin Jr.
  • Compatriot Timothy Jackson Wallin (Jack’s son)
  • Colin Andrew McGilvray
  • Jeffrey Del Sevier

Ohio Society & Chapter President, Lee Wilkerson formally inducted the new members and Vice President Greg Ballman Pinned their Rossettes in place.  This was really a great way to begin the recovery from the shutdown, but sadly we will now move into our summer recess.  Our next regularly scheduled meeting will be on Wednesday, 2 September 2020.

Even though our meeting schedule will be a little thin from now until September, George Stewart is laying out a series of Saturday morning breakfast meetings that will allow us to stay in contact.  We’ll also have the Presidents PicNic at the White House to look forward to in early August!  The Fourth of July is upon us and we’ll be honoring 6 Revolutionary War heroes at the Sycamore Twp Memorial Cemetery along the 131st Annual Awards Banquet that will be taking place at Ft. Laurens on 24/24 July.

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