Cincinnati SAR Celebrates Independence Day

The Cincinnati SAR Independence Day celebrations began with assisting Celebrate America! at the Kings Mills Baptist Church on Saturday June 30th. The Howard Miller Memorial Flag Collection was displayed. The Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard presented the Colors and fired a firelock salute. We also had a display table of Revolutionary War memorabilia and Compatriot Ed Bonniwell gave his Yorktown presentation.

The Cincinnati SAR compatriots then conducted a rededication of the Spring Grove Revolutionary War Memorial on Sunday, June 1st. The Nolan Carson Color Guard presented and retired the Colors. A firelock salute was given and wreaths were presented on behalf of: the Ohio Society SAR by Ohio Society 2nd Vice-President Turner Lee Wilkerson; the Germany Society SAR by Compatriot Mike Gunn; the Cincinnati Chapter SAR by Cincinnati President Jack Bredenforeder; and the Highlander’s Chapter SAR by Highlander’s President Ken Carpenter. Ohio Society Graves and Historical Sites Chairman Mike Gunn served as Master of Ceremonies.

The Cincinnati Chapter’s Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard marched in both the Madeira Independence Day Parade on July 3rd and the Montgomery Independence Day Parade on July 4th. Camp follower Emma Hartman joined the compatriots for both parades and distributed poppy bookmarks to the large exuberant crowds assembled along the parade routes. The Spirit of Patriotism is alive and well in America!


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Revolutionary War Patriots Honored by Cincinnati SAR on July 1, 2018

In an Enquirer article on page 13A published on July 5, 2018 and written by Jeff Suess (Cincinnati Enquirer and USA Today Network reporter), he describes Patriots of the American Revolution who died and are buried in what is now the City of Cincinnati. One is Joshua Wyeth whose interview in 1827 was the first public disclosure coining the term “Boston Tea Party” according to the blog Boston 1775.

We on the Patriots Grave Committee of the Cincinnati SAR were contacted by his
descendants in March, 2014 requesting assistance towards getting a VA tombstone for Joshua. When we saw the information about his experiences at the Tea Party and at the Battle of Bunker Hill, then his missing grave information from the cemeteries at what is now Washington Park in Cincinnati, we added his name to the 23 to be added to the Revolutionary War Patriots Monument in Spring Grove Cemetery on April 19, 2014. That monument now has the names of 59 Patriots of the Revolutionary War.

On July 1, 2018 the Cincinnati SAR Chapter celebrated the fifth ceremony and fourth annual Independence Day Celebration honoring those Fifty-nine Patriots who risked their lives for the freedoms and liberty we all enjoy today in these United States of America. At 1450 hours the following members reported for muster at the DAR/SAR Memorial at the north side of the Woodlands Section in Spring Grove Cemetery Arboretum: Turner Lee Wilkerson, Color Guard Commander; Shaun Smith; Dan Schmitz; Ken Carpenter, President of the Highlanders Chapter; Bob Bowers; Brad Jarard; Jack Bredenfoerder, President Cincinnati Chapter; Michael Gunn, past President Cincinnati SAR; Ed Boniwell; Clay Crandall; Chuck Rogers; George Stewart; Gregg Ballman; and Michael Blum all in Revolutionary War uniforms. The Colors were Posted by the Color Guard.

Beginning with our Pledge to the Flag, the SAR Pledge followed: “We the descendants of the heroes of the American Revolution who, by their sacrifices, established the United States of America, reaffirm our faith in the principles of liberty and our Constitutional Republic, and solemnly pledge ourselves to defend them against every foe.” An invocation was given by our Chaplin and guests and presenters were introduced. Emcee Gunn then read the re-dedication of the memorial: “We, the members of the Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution Re- dedicate this marked Memorial to the glory of God and in the recognition of the memory of these honorable Patriots of the American Revolution.”

Then Wreaths were placed at the monument, by: Ohio Society Lee Wilkerson;
Cincinnati Chapter Jack Bredenfoerder and Highlander Chapter Ken Carpenter, each
accompanied by an armed compatriot in uniform. The names of selected Patriots on the memorial were announced, each accompanied by the ringing of a bell. Then a 21 gun salute by 18th century muskets was presented, following the process of the Revolutionary War times. The SAR Recessional queued the conclusion of ceremonies, followed by the Color Guard retiring the colors and a Benediction by our Chaplain Ken Carpenter.

On this special day we shall once again give remembrance to all those who risked to safeguard our liberties on and around the field of battle and may God bless the United States of America.

Photo by Christine Smith, picturing the musket squad in the “Mourn” position in honor to the 59 named here and all those who’ve risked to safeguard our liberties on and around the field of battle.

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Cincinnati SAR attend 3 important Revolutionary War battle sites

Last weekend a group of nine members of the Cincinnati Chapter and four of their wives traveled to central New Jersey for a visit to several Revolutionary War Battle sites and participation in ceremonies honoring some of the Patriot ancestors.

This past Thursday, June 15, nine members of the Cincinnati Chapter’s Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard packed up their muskets, bayonets, cartridge boxes and haversacks and began a journey that would take them back 240 years to the early years of the America’s Fight for Independence.

They were joined by a Compatriot from the Hocking Hills Chapter from eastern Ohio. The guys rendezvoused in Princeton, NJ and met their guide, Roger Williams, the next morning at the Princeton Battle Monument in downtown Princeton. Roger welcomed us and proceeded to outline the travel route that he had planned for the day and distributed walkie-talkies so we could all hear the presentation and discussion while en-route.

The caravan was four cars long and the distance covered would be about 75 miles along back roads and highways connecting Washington’s crossing of the Delaware River on Christmas Eve 1776, the subsequent march to Trenton and the Battle with the Hessians. They next reviewed the location and detail of the Battle of Assunpink Creek in what is now downtown Trenton, followed the path of Washington’s Continental Army to Princeton, NJ and reviewed the action that had taken place there against the British on January 3, 1777 at the 2nd Battle of Trenton.

The next day we met with President Rob Meyer of the New Jersey Society and participated in the ceremonies planned for the 240th Commemoration of the Battle of Monmouth.

The Ohio Society and Chapters present were invited to place wreaths in memory of the patriots lost during the battle at Monmouth. Vice President Lee Wilkerson, Ohio Society; President Jack Bredenfoerder, Cincinnati Chapter; President Ken Carpenter, Highlanders Chapter; Treasurer Bob Hill, Hocking Valley Chapter, and Dr. Michael Gunn, German Society all placed wreaths before the monument of General Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben along with wreaths placed by our hosts the New Jersey Society SAR and DAR.

The ceremony was concluded with a benediction and prayer by the Rev. Dr. Edgar Ralph Bonniwell and a 21 gun musket salute by a combined New Jersey and Ohio Society squad of muskets.

Later that day we witnessed the Monmouth Battle commemoration that included a large scale reenactment of the Battle of Monmouth with hundreds of British Regulars confronted by the Continental Army and State Militias.

Two members of the Cincinnati SAR contingent, Compatriots Bradley Jarard and Shaun Smith took part in the artillery unit sup- porting the continentals with 9 Cannons during the battle reenactment. The children were given some fun by learning to play at using their wooden muskets like the adults on the battle field.

Towards evening, the Cincinnati contingent packed up and headed back to the Princeton Battle Field for a final commemoration at the graves of British and American soldiers that died during that battle. In a service emceed by Dr. Gunn, Pastor Ed Boniwell solemnized the ceremony with the closing prayer, as the Color Guard led by Turner Lee Wilkerson assumed the Mourn Position with the Regimental Colors. A proper and moving ceremony to give honor our Patriot Ancestors.

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June 22nd 2018 Naturalization Ceremony

Cincinnati SAR President Jack Bredenfoerder and Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard Community Relations Adjutant Jerry Knight welcomed 68 new citizens at the June 22nd naturalization ceremony held at the Southern Ohio US District Courthouse. The Honorable Beth A. Buchanan presided.

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Millcroft Inn dodges the wrecking ball


The Millcroft Inn was a popular destination for the Cincinnati Chapter SAR for many years. Chapter meetings, luncheons, dinners were held there. It was also a popular after hours watering hole for our member.



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Highlanders President Ken Carpenter honored at June 29th naturalization ceremony

Highlanders SAR President Ken Carpenter received a very special recognition at the June 29th naturalization ceremonies at the Potter Stewart US District Court on Friday, June 29th. The Honorable Stephanie K. Bowman presented Ken with a certificate of appreciation signed by all the Southern Ohio Federal judges.

Ken was recognized for his long-term service to the Federal Court naturalization ceremonies. Ken also received a beautiful Southern Ohio US Federal Court pin.

Cincinnati Chapter SAR President Jack Bredenfoerder also attended the ceremonies with President Carpenter and they welcomed 70 new citizens.

Congratulations Ken and the new citizens!


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Nation’s flag celebrated by CCSAR members, guests

Michael B. Gunn, Ph.D.
Past President, Patriot Graves Chair CCSAR
Photos by Compatriot Gary Duffield

The Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution (CCSAR) celebrated Flag Day at their annual Flag Day luncheon held at the RSVP Event Center on Saturday, June 9.

Dr. John K. Alexander, Distinguished Teaching Professor (Emeritus) The University of Cincinnati presented a moving program about George Washington’s measured and respectful management of the absolute military powers he was given the Continental Congress.

Select flags of the Captain Howard Miller Memorial Flag Collection that represented the evolution of our current National Colors were displayed. The full historical collection of 65 flags was assembled by vexillologist Captain Howard Miller.

He and his wife traveled thousands of miles giving talks to many organizations throughout the U.S. When age became a handicap, he presented the collection to the Cincinnati Chapter with the stipulation that the collection must be displayed at least once a year.

In 1986, an agreement was signed wherein the Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution was loaned this historic display.

The Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution gratefully acknowledges this patriotic and personal donation which represents a lifetime of work and untiring research by Captain Miller.

The continuing presentations of the collection permit the history of our American past to be shared and remembered from generation to generation. Flags serve many purposes. They symbolize a people and represent national pride. Flags convey a shared history.

Through the centuries, military units have carried flags and colors. Colors and flags affirm group identity. They build pride and morale, and represent the group’s honor. In battle, flags served as a rallying point when a formation was broken.

Troops gathered around the flag to regroup, attack or retreat. Flags marked specific individuals, locations and functions such as hospitals and ambulances. Infantry regiments regularly held trooping ceremonies. Colors were paraded up and down the line of assembled soldiers to music to make sure the men remembered the colors.

A guard of noncommissioned officers usually protected flags and colors. Held in great reverence, a regiment’s honor was embodied in its colors. The entire regiment was humiliated if its colors were lost in battle.

In addition to Dr. Alexander’s presentation, Cincinnati SAR President Jack Bredenfoerder inducted Compatriot Sammy Malicote into the Cincinnati Chapter. It was also revealed at the luncheon that Sammy and his wife were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary on that same day. President Bredenfoerder presented the couple with two Howard Miller Flag Collection coffee mugs to mark the occasion.

Fifteen supplemental memberships were awarded by Cincinnati SAR President Jack Bredenfoerder: one to Compatriot Bob Bowers, two to Compatriot Len Slovensky, six to Compatriot Shaun Smith and six to Compatriot Connor Smith.

President Bredenfoerder also awarded the Silver Roger Sherman Medal to Compatriot Mike Blum on behalf of Past Ohio Society SAR President Donald C. McGraw.

A beautiful cross-stitch of the Betsy Ross Flag by Carole Gunn was raffled off and raised $89 for the Cincinnati SAR Youth Awards. The winner was Compatriot Kenny Burck.

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