Ceremonial and Historical Unit


Our Ceremonial and Historical Unit consists of  15 plus members of the Cincinnati Chapter-Sons of the American Revolution, outfitted with Revolutionary War era uniforms, muskets, and accoutrements.  Additionally, our Patriot Grave Marking page contains many photos and videos of the unit for you to reference.

Historical Presentations/Demonstrations and Ceremonies 

  1. Revolutionary War Grave Markings/Historical Markers
    • These are not burial headstone installations, but rather a ceremonial placement of a SAR marker in the form of metal, stone or a combination. This is for either a single or group of Rev War veterans buried on the site. We also conduct ceremonies for the installation of historical markers.  Our ceremonies include flag details, musket salutes and Historical/Tactical demos.

2. Revolutionary War Presentations (History, Uniforms, Weaponry)

    • These consist of Revolutionary War history, Uniforms, Period Weaponry explanations.

3. Tactical Demonstrations (Marching, Firing)

    • See how Revolutionary War soldiers marched in formation, conducted multi-line group firing and engaged in bayonet charges

4. School Presentations (Group or Individual)

    • Individuals of our unit present various topics, with displays, related to the Revolutionary War, either to assemblies or individual classes.

Event booking

Demand for the Ceremonial and Historical unit are extensive and we have a full calendar.  Therefore we have also accessed the type of events that are critical to furthering knowledge of the American War for Independence to the public and honor those that fought.  This led to specific criteria in order for an event to be considered. 

  1. Is the Event tied to the Revolutionary War, either through person, place or event (i.e. Battle) or similar period event (Founder’s Day, Pioneer Day, etc.)?
  2. Will our duties include one or more of the 4 type of engagements abovei.e., no flag postings only?…and there must be approval for musket firing.
  3. Are the public invited?  It is critical that events be public for the most exposure to our history.
  4. Can we staff the event?  We are a volunteer organization whose members have schedules outside of the unit, and therefore availability will be accessed for each request.

For questions, please contact the Unit Commander for more information.


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