Speakers Bureau

The Cincinnati Chapter SAR Speakers Bureau consists of members of the Sons of the American Revolution who are knowledgeable in many historical and genealogical disciplines.  All of the talks are tailored to younger students as well as adult audiences.

Please contact the Speaker Chairman to schedule a speaker for your event. Our schedule fills fast. Don’t wait until the last minute to schedule your event.

All of our members are volunteers.  Donations are accepted. The Sons of the American Revolution is a non-profit 501(C) 3 organization.

Our Speakers

1     Artifacts of the Late 18th Century by Compatriot Michael Gunn

2     Washington’s Crossing of the Delaware by Compatriot Dan Schmitz

3     African Americans in the American Revolution by Compatriot Mark Holland

4     The Battle of Brooklyn Heights by Compatriot Bob Bowers

5     Yorktown Experience by Compatriot Dr. Ed Bonniwell

6     George Washington Experience by Compatriot Zachary Haines

7     The Patriot Frontier Rifleman by Compatriot Dr. Michael B. Gunn

8     The Last Battle of the Civil War by Compatriot Dr. Michael B. Gunn

9     The Captain Howard Miller Flag Collection by Col. Don McGraw

10    The Declaration of Independence by Compatriot Greg Ballman