Unearthed! Mystery Solved – Revolutionary War POW Camp – York Pennsylvania

Discovery!  No physical gold, however just as exciting!

Revolutionary War Prisoner of War Camp unearthed near York Pennsylvania after almost 240 years.

This camp was called Camp Security and housed British prisoners of war.

Read on and connect to the full article at USA today, see below:

Key Points

  • For years, archeologists and volunteers have searched for evidence of the exact site of Camp Security, a Revolutionary War prisoner camp near York, Pennsylvania.
  • On Monday, they unearthed key confirmation: a series of post holes in the clay under about a foot of topsoil.
  • Built in 1781, Camp Security may have housed some 1,200 British prisoners of war over its two-year history.

The full article about this amazing discovery is attached.  If you want to learn “the rest of the story, please click on the below link and read the USA Today article:


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