Tri-State Honor Flights – It was an Honor to Greet these Heroes!

On Tuesday 4/18/2023, approximately 75 American Heroes took a well deserved trip to Washington DC to visit their respective war memorial.

Each Veteran was accompanied by a sponsor who took the trip with them.  I can only imagine the pride these sponsors had providing these Veterans with “the trip of a lifetime”.

The CVG Concourse A was full to welcome these Veterans

The flight left early morning on Tuesday for a full day of activity in DC.

These warriors returned home about 9:00PM on Tuesday to a rowdy and welcoming crowd of well wishers!

Various organizations lined the path with flags to welcome these Patriots home

The Ohio and Kentucky chapters of the Sons of the American Revolution and Daughters of the American Revolution were there to greet them and served as honorary flag bearers lining the path these veterans took upon their return.

Ohio and Kentucky SAR and DAR organizations participated in the event.

Friends, family members, other service members, the public were also there to welcome them home.  This was a first event for me and I must say was very moving.

You could see the eyes of these Veterans sparkle when they saw friends, family and the other organizations that were there to welcome them.

Getting ready to welcome the troops home!

I felt humbled to be there and cannot imagine what these Veterans went through in service to our country.  As we were standing next to a Kentucky National Guard group who looked just older than teenagers, I noted the contrast between these returning aging veterans we were honoring.

It was a wonderful ceremony and the lower level of Concourse A was jammed with well wishers.  Certainly a capacity crowd was there.

The bands played!

If you have the chance, please take the time to experience this for yourself.

Because they served, we have our continued freedoms.

Thank you for your service to us, your family and your country!

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