Remains of Revolutionary War soldiers – identified and reburied

Update: On Saturday April 22nd, 2023, the recently discovered remains of twelve soldiers were laid to rest in Camden South Carolina.  Local SAR Chapters were on hand to honor and provide a proper send off.  See the Facebook post from the South Carolina SAR Chapter.


To be remembered, that is the greatest compliment and sign of respect for a fallen patriot.

For twelve Revolutionary War soldiers, their thinly covered graves were recently identified.  A forensic effort to identify these patriots remains is underway.

These soldiers died in a pine forest in South Carolina as part of the battle of Camden in 1780.  In haste, their bodies were buried beneath a thin layer of soil as their comrades fled from the British who appeared ready to put a quick and brutal end to the American Experiment.

But later this month, the carefully gathered and studied remains of the dozen unknown soldiers are getting a proper memorial and burial where they fell on the Camden battlefield.

It’s part of the ongoing 250th anniversary commemorations of the Revolutionary War, which historians hope will highlight history that unites instead of divides.

To learn more, please click on the link below to be taken to the full article on this historic find and discovery:

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