Weapons of the American Revolution – What was Used? How did Colonists Get Them?

As a member of the SAR Color Guard, we carry replica firearms used during the American Revolution.

French Charleville smooth-bore musket common during the Revolutionary War

Many of our Color Guard also participate in “living history” presentations and community events and interested schools.  Community participants show much interests in the firearms of the past, how they worked, their “pros” and “cons”.  We have an obligation to share the truth the best we can with these interested parties.

At Patriot Grave Markings it is common as a sign of respect for those fallen for us to perform a musket salute.    It is an awesome sight to witness a number of Color Guard members dressed in 1770’s soldiers uniforms, lining up and firing a coordinated volley of musket fire (blanks of course!).  If you have not seen this, please attend one of our upcoming events for you to witness.

There is much discussion of the varying types of weapons used and how the colonists got them.

Smooth-bore musket with “U.S.” markings used during the Revolutionary War

The following is an article recently published in American Rifleman focused on “Arms Of Independence: The Guns Of The American Revolution”:


For you Cavalry fans, there is also a article focused on arms Cavalry soldiers used:


Enjoy and add to your body of knowledge of tools used during the Independence movement.

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