Thomas Paine – the true inspiration for the Declaration of Independence

Thomas Paine was one of the most influential founding fathers, however does not get much publicity or notoriety.

In fact, his direct style of communicating turned off many.  Word has it that six people showed up at his funeral.

None the less, this man had the greatest impact as his carefully written words and at the time unheard of views were the bed of coals driving the fires of revolution.

Thomas Paine

Thomas Paine had the skill of writing, a keen mind and excellent perceptive skills.  He moved to the colonies at the recommendation of Benjamin Franklin about two years prior to outright violence.

Thomas Paine pens “Common Sense” in an assumed name.  His 75 page essay sold 125,000 copies initially, with over 500,000 sold ultimately.  He shared very basic expectations and rights.   He later wrote “The Age of Reason”.

Easy to read, clear to understanding his intent.  Remember independent elections, with a lack of a monarchy (royalty).  This was a revolutionary way of thinking, with out warfare.

Please read on, to learn the intelligence of this man and his significant contribution he had as the catalyst for the American Revolution.

His essay is attached, sourced from the “The Federalist Papers Project”

Common Sense – author Thomas Paine

Also sharing a couple of educational videos, of various duration (5, 10 and 1.5 hour videos).


5 minutes short

10 minutes middle length

1 hour 30 minutes – long

9 minutes


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