Permanent Home for SAR Historical Records – Thank You!

Braving brutal weather elements (OK, a little rain), a group of SAR volunteers (self named the “CCSAR Self-Storage Brigade”) moved the first batch of “SAR Permanent Files” from Jack Bredenfoerder’s home.

A couple of trucks, a van, some hand carts and some strong backs were all that were needed. Thanks to Scott Freeman for orchestrating this event. It went smoothly and quickly!

Ken Blank helps to arrange the precious treasures in our new storage locker. Thanks to Ken’s son Simon for helping.

I thought that I saw tears on Jack’s face, however was not sure if those were tears of joy, sadness, or simply rain drops from the threatening sky. All said, Jack was grateful for some room back in his basement.

The Chapter extends its thanks to Jack and Laurie Bredenfoerder for storing these items over the years.

Doug Bates shares some suggestions on how to best organize the library

The items were moved to a shiny new storage facility which is climate controlled in the Tri County area just off of 275 in northern Cincinnati for convenient access.

The storage space has enough room to house other SAR artifacts and will permit the review, organization and deciding permanent retention options for the library contents in the future.  Sharing our Chapter kudos’s to Scott Freeman for negotiating a sweet heart deal on the unit and taking action.

Scott Freeman helps organize some of the historical artifacts in the SAR Library

The end of the journey was a steady rain, however the quick progress of accomplishing our goal did not permit dampening of our spirits.

Scott shows off the new space adding some perspective on the room available in the locker.

The participants in today’s moving event included:

Scott Freeman
Jack Bredenfoerder
Doug Bates
Ken Blank
Simon Blank
Tim Madden

Scary lot if I must say. Clockwise from Left is Doug Bates, Scott Freeman, Tim Madden and Ken Blank.

At the end of the day, Scott should be proud to have delivered on a multi-year chapter goal.


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