Taverns – where our Founding Fathers met to ferment plans for the new country

The Founding Fathers have fueled interest since the formation of the United States nearly 250 years ago.
Historic sites nationwide have been erected to honor the men who helped to create this country, and numerous places these great men frequented have been preserved for the sake of American heritage.
During the 18th century, the center of social and political life could be found at the town tavern, and the Founding Fathers were known to frequent several in the colonies.
A sketch of the original Green Dragon Tavern, which hangs in the current Green Dragon Tavern (on the right). Reprinted from Boston Beer: A History of Brewing in the Hub by Norman Miller, courtesy of the Boston Public Library and Sara Withee (The History Press, 2014).
The article below highlights some of America’s oldest watering holes, where you can still share a pint the way the Founding Fathers may have nearly 250 years ago.
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