Independence Day – The Risks The Founders Took To Pursue Independence – by Mike Rowe

During the July 4th holiday season, we get together with family, friends, attend community events, watch fireworks and simply enjoy the best that summer has to offer.

If we think back to the founding fathers who risked their lives, their property, their families to challenge the King of England, arguably the most powerful nation on earth.

We unlikely understand the sacrifices that these people took to create a new form of government which was to answer to the people.  This was unheard of during that time.

Questions of “will this work?”, “will I be rounded up and executed?” would have been on this lot of Patriots who pursued this monumental challenge to the status quo.

Mike Rowe is a favorite of mine.  He approaches issues and events with common sense.  I recently heard this on one of his podcasts and wanted to share this “American Revolutionary War” history lesson.

He explains what the founding fathers were willing to sacrifice to achieve this “American Dream” we all enjoy today.


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