July 4th, 1776 – When Was The Declaration of Independence Actually Signed?

The quest for independence of these new American colonies from Great Britain was a marathon.  For many years prior to 1776, there were efforts to move forward to independence.  This was a landmark moment in history and it was not an easy journey.

The creation of the document “Declaration of Independence” took many revisions and included input from many of the nations founders.  To say there were differences in opinion and wording would be an understatement.

Getting all the parties to agree and sign was a complex undertaking.

The following article published in the “Journal of the American Revolution” challenges the pure “July 4th, 1776” for full signing of the Declaration of Independence.

The challenges of that time involved time, travel, getting needed authorizations by the independent state governments.  These factors lead to “signatures” captured at various times.

It appears unlikely that all signers sat down on July 4th and officially signed the document in a symbolic romantic historic event.

The below is interesting reading for those curious minds!

Was the Declaration of Independence Signed on July 4? How Memory Plays Tricks with History

Left to right: John Adams portrait by John Trumbull; Thomas Jefferson portrait by Rembrandt Peale; Thomas McKean portrait by Charles Willson Peale.


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