Naturalization Process Becomes Closer to Home – Welcome Ming Chester!

The Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution has played a continuous presence in Tri-State Naturalization Ceremonies.

On Tuesday June 20th, during the recent swearing in ceremony, one of our SAR Compatriots Nathan Chester participated in the ceremony where his wife Ming Chester became a US Citizen.  Nathan himself just became a member of the SAR and witnessed first hand how the Cincinnati SAR participates in these ceremonies.

Ming, welcome to the USA!

New US Citizen – Ming Chester with husband Nathan on left and Jack Bredenfoerder on right

For Compatriots Jack Bredenfoerder and Jerry Knight who are regular participants in these naturalization ceremonies, there was a special connection to this special day.

Compatriot Jack Bredenfoerder welcomed 40 new citizens from 30 different countries at a naturalization ceremony held at the Potter Stewart Federal Courthouse in downtown Cincinnati.

Forty new US Citizens are sworn in in June 20th ceremony

The ceremony was officiated by the Honorable Karen Litkovitz.

Honorable Karen Litkovitz officiated the ceremony

Congratulations, Ming and Nathan!

Additional information:

Members may recall that we had a Naturalization process speaker at our Wednesday March 1st, 2023 General Membership Meeting.  This speaker was the first of hopefully many at our upcoming meetings.  The “Speaker Series” was the initiative of George Stewart intended to bring more topics of history to our monthly meetings.

Mr. Joseph Snyder, paralegal of the law firm Sebaly, Shillito & Dyer, gave a presentation on the Naturalization Process for new citizens. There was a 15-page document that was handed out (attached below). He covered things such as English language proficiency, and the 100 questions on the citizenship test (attached below) of which they must answer correctly 6 of the 10 questions selected by the examiner.

Differences between Permanent Residents, i.e., Green Card holders and citizens were explained as were residency requirements prior to application for citizenship.

Joe Snyder’s presentation on The Naturalization Process may be found here.
Naturalization Process – 15 page primer

And the 100 civics questions immigrants study are found here.
Naturalization Process – 100 Civics Questions

We were surprised at how much effort and process is involved in the Naturalization journey for new US Citizens.


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