Interested in Cleaning and Restoring Cemetery Grave Markers?

If you missed the last Cemetery Restoration Workshop in May in Boone County KY, you have another option in September 2023.

On Friday September 15th in the Crosson Cemetery in Warren County – Harlan Township there will be a hands on Cemetery Restoration Workshop.

Entrance to Crosson Cemetery

This is a program offered through the Warren County Ohio Genealogical Society in Lebanon OH.  This is not a classroom workshop, this is “in the field, hands on” efforts to learn the proper techniques for cemetery restoration and repair, including identifying, cleaning and repairing grave the cemetery learning from an expert conservator.

There is a fee of $50.00 per participant which includes the program, materials and a picnic lunch.  Reservations are required using the attached registration form.  Please complete the registration form and remit to the Warren County Genealogical Society.  This registration must be received by Monday September 11th.  Payments can be with a check by mail or via credit card online (see registration form).

The brochure is attached which provides all the information to register, to pay and the program deliverables.

The program runs from 10AM to 3PM.  The presenter will stay after 3:00PM to answer questions.

You should attend this workshop if …..

  • You are interested in seeing our cemeteries maintained and restored.
  • You have an ancestor who you would like their monument cleaned and repaired
  • If your SAR chapter is honoring a Patriot that the monument needs attention.
  • You are interested in passing on the importance of preserving our cemeteries.

Ta Mara Conde will be our teacher from the Historic Gravestone Services of New Salem Massachusetts.

Ta Mara has been conserving and restoring historic grave stones since 1998, beginning as an apprentice with Fred Oakly who was the head of conservation for the Association of Gravestone Studies (AGS). She continued studying conservation techniques through several institutions including AGS, the National Parks Service and Cathedral Stone Products Certification Program. Ta Mara has taught conservation workshops through Greenfield Community College and continues to use hands-on workshops to educate cemetery employees and the public about proper conservation techniques across the US and Canada.

The specific address to the Crosson Cemetery is:

Address to Crosson Cemetery is:
8560 – 8340 Roachester Cozaddale Road (Township Road 52)
Butlerville, Ohio, 45162 USA
Coordinates: 39.30589, -84.10549

The 2 page information and registration form is below:

Cemetery Restoration and Repair Workshop

We hope you are interested in learning more.

Don’t hesitate, there is limited capacity so sign up now.

The life of the dead is placed in the memory of the living.”
-Marcus Tulius Cicero (106-43 BC)

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