Message from Jack Bredenfoerder – Ohio Society SAR President

Dear Compatriots and Friends of the Ohio Society SAR,

Happy Independence Day!

The preservation of the unity of our great nation and our great Ohio Society Sons of the American Revolution is of paramount importance. Through sharing our diverse talents and perspectives, we continually build a stronger society that complements the vision of freedom, equality and patriotism established by our patriot ancestors. Each compatriot’s range of unique talents is welcomed!

Please consider the words: E Pluribus Unum – Out of many, One

This 13-letter original de facto motto of the United States appears on our Great Seal.

It was suggested by Pierre Eugene Simitiere in 1776. The seal which includes E Pluribus Unum was approved by an Act of Congress in 1782. Later in 1956, Congress established the official United States motto to be “In God We Trust.” Both are profound statements and both applicable to the United States. George Washington’s trust in God and God’s divine providence are well documented in his writings, but I would like us to consider the original charge set forth by our Founding Fathers: E Pluribus Unum.

The concept of strength through different perspectives brought together for a common good is a theme that is spread throughout the founding of the United States. I believe it is an ideal that the Ohio Society should preserve, promote, and nurture.

For this reason, I conducted a chapter presidents’ retreat in mid-May. Through a brainstorming exercise, a broad spectrum of ideas was brought forward, and we have developed several short and long-range action items that will enhance and improve our membership experience. Please review the detailed article that summarizes the retreat included in the summer issue of The Country Bulletin.

Ohio Society – “The Country Bulletin” – see page 20

At the swearing-in of our officers at Geneva on the Lake, I expressed the need to not only increase our membership numbers but enhance the quality of the membership experience itself. Steve Hinson will be leading this effort as the chairman of the Ohio Society membership committee; to this end, we have increased the budget of that committee significantly. Steve will be incorporating many of the learnings he has developed from his involvement in the NSSAR Membership Committee into our OHSSAR membership programs and information aids. I encourage you to review the Chapter Presidents’ Retreat overview and share your ideas with Steve.

Let’s consider the quality of our membership experience. In my opinion, most of our society’s compatriots believe they have something to offer our organization and have a desire to contribute to our organization’s growth in some way. They want to connect and share ideas with one another. Most of all, they simply want to develop friendships centered around the common goal of promoting national pride and patriotism (and have some fun doing it!)

For this reason, in my term as OHSSAR President, we will be offering experiences beyond our three OHSSAR BOMs and the Annual State Meeting. This summer and fall, the First Lady and I will attend all the major Central District events, but we have added three additional “pilgrimage” events beyond the Central District:

  1. The Battle of Brooklyn on August 27 in Brooklyn, NY;
  2. The Battle of Saratoga on September 18 in Saratoga, NY; and the
  3. Yorktown Day Celebration on October 19 in Yorktown, VA.

I encourage you to accompany us as we honor our rich history celebrated at these events. The more time we can spend together celebrating and building our friendships around patriotism, the stronger we will become as a society.

Our first opportunity to gather as a society to celebrate and promote patriotism will be on July 22 and 23 at our summer BOM in Bolivar, Ohio.

There is a reservation flyer included in this issue.

Fort Laurens Registration Form

Commander Bob Hill has scheduled a very special “Guard of the Unknown” event at the Ft. Laurens site preceding the BOM. It will be a very moving experience, and we encourage you to either participate as a guard or observe this solemn tribute.

All meetings and activities of the Summer BOM will be conducted at the Ft. Laurens site under a tent. Benson’s will again cater the event with a dinner on Friday evening and a luncheon on Saturday.

Reservations – Please submit the reservation form included in the summer issue of The Country Bulletin to Treasurer Mike Blum.

Fort Laurens Registration Form

Hotel Accommodations – You will need to call the Sleep Inn in Bolivar, Ohio to make your room reservation in the OHSSAR room block. All reservations must be confirmed by July 12. I encourage you to make your reservations early.

Finally, as we begin another year of celebrating our fraternal patriotism, let us never forget that we share a common bond through our ancestors who gave us our Constitution, The Bill of Rights and an independent Supreme Court!

In patriotism and E Pluribus Unum,

John (Jack) H. Bredenfoerder

Ohio Society SAR President



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