Liberty Bell – Hamilton Ohio – Replica In Downtown

In our own backyard, Hamilton Ohio we have a replica of the famous Liberty Bell.

Hamilton’s Replica of the 1752 Liberty Bell crafted by the original company

The original Liberty Bell has been adopted as a symbol of American independence and the fight for liberty during the Revolutionary War.

Hamilton has a replica and it was erected in 1976 by the American Revolution Bicentennial Celebration Committee and is located near the north east side of the High Street bridge.

The inscription states, “A gift to the city of Hamilton in recognition of America’s Bicentennial. Purchased thru the contributions of its citizens.”

Plaque in Hamilton Ohio next to the replica Liberty Bell

This is one of the two replica bells cast for use in the state of Ohio by the Whitechapel Bell Foundry, maker of the original Liberty Bell 1752.”

We can only hope that Hamilton got one without the crack!

Some information can be learned about the White Chapel Bell Foundry below:


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