Who Said It Was Going To Be Easy? Independence Is Not A Perfect Process!

During the week of the 4th of July, many ask the question of the “process” of declaring independence from Great Britain.  We think of that event as being simple, declaring our independence and wallah it happens.

The truth is that the build up to the point of armed rebellion took many years and was looked upon differently in the different colonies (states).

The story of the birth of our nation by Declaration in July of 1776 is a story of disagreements, debates, compromises, and moral courage. It’s a story of a group of rebellious Englishmen who—despite their many differences—could agree on one thing: they wanted to live free.


I noticed this article about the independence struggle on http://www.breitbart.com and am attaching it below for you history buffs who are intrigued by what the struggle for independence was really like.



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