Join us May 8th to dedicate a marker for a “Boston Tea Party” Participant

On Monday May 8th, 2023 at the Spring Grove Cemetery & Arboretum at 11:00 AM there will be a special “Boston Tea Party Memorial Ceremony”.  The activities will be at the Joshua Wyeth Memorial in the cemetery.

Memorial Marker for Joshua Wyeth in Spring Grove Ceremony

Below is a map of the Spring Grove Cemetery as well as the exact location of the May 8th event: (the GPS coordinates for the site are 39.1784088 -84.5341704)

We will gather to dedicate the Boston Tea Party Marker, presented by the Boston Tea Party Museum that honors the Revolutionary War Patriot Joshua Wyeth.

Joshua who by his own admission participated in the historic Boston Tea Party event on December 16, 1773.

Depiction of Americans dressed in Indian disguise in Boston Harbor “Tea Party” raid protesting high taxation of teas

Joshua coined the term “Boston Tea Party” during an interview in the 1820’s that was printed in “The Western Review” published at Cincinnati, Ohio.  The extraordinary event he spoke of is now recognized as one of the pivotal occurrences of the struggle for independence from Great Britain.  This is very important to recall as we approach the 250th Anniversary of the founding of our country.

We will have a special guest John Turley, VPG to attend the event.

The full program is attached with more information:

2023 Boston Tea Party Museum Ceremony

Hope to see you there for this extraordinary event!

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  1. Brian Schilling says:

    Brian Schilling Simon Kenton Chapter SAR would like permission to present a wreath. please let me know soon

  2. Brian Schilling says:

    I want to thank the Cincinnati Chapter SAR for presenting such a fine program

    Brian Schilling

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