Heads Up! Would you like a free copy of the Declaration of Independence?

As a member of the Sons of the American Revolution many of us are striving to learn more about our Patriot ancestors and understand the dynamics which were occurring back in the mid 1750’s which drove our forefathers to break away from Britain.

The Declaration of Independence was one of the foundation documents as well as the Constitution.

Have you read either of these lately?

If you would like to, there is a special offer available to you through Hillsdale College in Michigan.

Not sure if you are familiar with Hillsdale College ….

They are a unique university which encourages independent thought.  They do not accept federal or state subsidies of any kind.

Heads up: They tend to lean conservative.

They are making a special offer:

A free downloadable copy of the Declaration of Independence.  All you have to do is “promise” to read it on July 4th.  That for most of us is very little to ask.

Now as a warning, you are providing your email address.  They may, just might reach out to you to share their programs and ultimately ask you to support their institution.  If that bothers you, I suggest you don’t request the document.  If you are ok with that, or are willing to say no, this might be for you.

The link to obtain this free downloadable document that made our country unique 250 years ago and today is:


While on their website I noticed that they also offer a “free” pocket Constitution.  The link to obtain this is:


Some background on Hillsdale College can be obtained on their website which is:

Developing Minds. Improving Hearts.

I plan on reading my Declaration of Independence as soon as I get it.

Hoping this is of value to you all!

Happy 4th of July Americans!

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