Cincinnati SAR – Members Awarded Distinguished Service and Supplemental Applications

We in the Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution (CCSAR) are blessed with a number of members who carry the field in support of the local, state and National SAR activities.

Many of our members not only have served at the local chapter level but in the state and national arenas for SAR.  This dedication to participate is what makes the Cincinnati chapter stand out in the state of Ohio as well as nationally.

Jack Bredenfoerder presents award to Bob Bowers

At the last General Membership meeting Cincinnati President George Stewart and Past Ohio President Jack Bredenfoerder recognized a host of members for their recent contributions.  The following list is long and is testimonial to the active members of our chapter.

Local Cincinnati SAR Awards and Recognition:

1. Bob Bowers was presented with the OHSSAR Certificate of Distinguished Service and
the OHSSAR Meritorious Service Medal.
2. Bruce Bennett was awarded a Certificate of appreciation for his work on Camp Char-
3. Jesse Moore was presented a Certificate of Appreciation for his ongoing support as Vice
President General of the Central District.
4. Judy Moore was presented with the OHSSAR Daughters of Liberty Medal, the highest
ladies award at the State level.
5. Bruce Bennett was presented his 5th supplemental star and certificate for his Patriot
Ancestor Jacob Riffel.
6. Lee Wilkerson was given a supplemental star that goes with the supplemental certifi-
cate previously presented at the January meeting.

Jack Bredenfoerder presents award to Bruce Bennett for Camp Charlotte work

Ohio Society SAR Awards and Recognition (presented at May annual event):

1. Mike Blum – Lafayette Medal
2. Franz Ott – Liberty Medal
3. CCSAR – Distinguished Chapter Streamer
4. Mike Gunn – recognized for the von Steuben Medal previously awarded at the
CCSAR awards banquet December 2022.
5. Spirit of Volunteerism Certificates – Jack Bredenfoerder, Don McGraw, and Lee
6. Perfect attendance certificates to Jack Bredenfoerder and Don McGraw.
7. Aide de Camp certificates to Mike Blum and Lee Wilkerson.
8. The Martha Washington Medal was awarded to Sheri Wilkerson.
9. The Daughters of Liberty Medal was awarded to Laurie Bredenfoerder.
10. The Molly Pitcher Medal was awarded to Carole Gunn.
11. Certificates of Distinguished Service to Mike Blum, Bob Bowers, Lee Wilkerson
12. Youth Education Medal to Mike Gunn.
13. Don McGraw received the Silver Good Citizenship Medal.
14. Gary Duffield received the Bronze and Silver Color Guard Medal.
15. The Silver Roger Sherman Medal was awarded to Jack Bredenfoerder, Gary
Duffield, Mike Gunn, Don McGraw, and Jim Schaffer.
16. Bob Bowers received the Meritorious Service Medal.
17. Lee Wilkerson was awarded the Hubb Scott Laureate Medal.
18. Mike Blum was awarded the Patriot Medal, one of the highest medals awarded
at the State level.

Congratulations to all these outstanding CCSAR members who so willingly volunteer their time to promote the good things the SAR does in the community.

For any members who would like to get more involved, please reach out to President George Stewart or Past President Greg Ballman (nominating committee) to learn more about how reap the benefits of more active membership.

Thanks to all who make our chapter great!

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