Fort Laurens Ohio – Tomb of the Unknown Revolutionary War Patriot

On Friday, July 22nd & 23rd, members of the Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution participated in honoring the Patriot lives lost in defense of the only Ohio Revolutionary War fort.  There were many Ohio Chapters represented during these events.

The remains of one unidentified man from the old fort cemetery has been permanently sealed within a Tomb of the Unknown Patriot of the American Revolution near the original burial site. The remains of the others, including the victims of the ambush, were placed in a crypt within the museum in 1992.

The Cincinnati Chapter (CCSAR) participated along with other Ohio SAR chapters in standing guard and honoring the patriots who gave their lives for freedom.

Recently, the Ohio Society of the SAR announced efforts to rebuild all or part of the fort to restore this historic place.

On Friday July 22nd, the Tomb Guard of the Unknown Patriot in which participants  mimiced the guards at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington Cemetery. Guard duty was 15-20 minutes, one guard at a time, that includes a ceremonial inspection at each changing of the guard. Compatriot Tom Hankins was Tomb Guard Commander and Bob Hill was the Adjutant instructing manual-of-arms.

On Saturday July 23rd, there was a Memorial Wreath Laying Ceremony.

See the article below from the Journal of the American Revolution to learn more about the battles and siege of Fort Laurens:

Ambushed! Victim’s Bones at Fort Laurens

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