Fall Meeting Coming Up! Wed 9/6 – Speaker Kathy Creighton

Summer is quickly coming to a close. Hoping for all of you that this summer has met your expectations and you have been enjoying reasonable temps. Hoping some dry weather would have slowed down the mowing, however not this summer!

To mark the end of our summer recess (for some), we resume our monthly meetings on Wednesday PM September 6th.

Our meetings are held at the Montgomery Inn in downtown Montgomery Ohio. You can come early for open discussion and enjoy a delicious meal if you choose (no obligation of course).

We start the early meet and greet at 5:30 (dinner option) and start our more official meeting at 7:00PM.

George Stewart championed a “speaker series” into our monthly meetings. We have had some really interesting speakers in the spring. Seeking to continue this success, we are privileged to have Ms. Kathy Creighton as a guest speaker at our meeting.

Kathy Creighton – Executive Director of the Butler County Historical Society

We encourage all members to come and participate and learn some local history.

Ms. Kathy Creighton is the Executive Director of the Butler County Historical Society. She will be speaking to our group for our September Chapter meeting.

Her Topic: Tomahawks and Guns: The Indian Wars and Leaders. 

From the late 1700’s through the early 1800’s, fighting between the Native Americans and the white settlers were common throughout the Northwest Territory (includes SW Ohio / Cincinnati area).

Anthony Wayne and Native Americans at Greenville Ohio

Learn more about the principal players on both sides of this fighting, including Indian Chiefs Cornstalk, Little Turtle, and Blue Jacket.  Also discussed are American Major Generals Arthur St. Clair & Anthony Wayne.

Shawnee Indian Chief Cornstalk


Miami Tribe Chief Little Turtle

Shawnee leaders Blue Jacket (l) and Tecumseh (r)

Arthur St. Clair – Under the Northwest Ordinance of 1787, which created the Northwest Territory, General St. Clair was appointed governor of what is now Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, along with parts of Wisconsin and Minnesota. He named Cincinnati, Ohio, after the Society of the Cincinnati and it was there that he established his home.

“Mad” Anthony Wayne was recalled by President Washington from civilian life to command of U.S. forces in the Northwest Indian War, where he defeated the British-backed Northwestern Confederacy, an alliance of several Native American tribes.

We encourage you to participate, share some conversations with other SAR members, enjoy a Montgomery Inn meal and learn more about our local history.

See you soon Wednesday September 6th in Downtown Montgomery!

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