Making History Dramatic and Exciting! We Can Do It!!

We members of the Sons of the American Revolution (CCSAR) are blessed with an ancestral lineage which goes back to the American Revolution.

As part of our SAR journey, we continue to learn more and more about the Revolutionary War.  What were the catalysts for the conflict?  What were the major battles?  How did our ancestor participate?  After the war’s end, what was the uncharted path that the new America pursue?  Was it a clear journey?  There are many questions worth exploring.

For some of us, having one ancestor to qualify for the SAR is not enough.  A number of us have continued to explore our roots and learn more about our “other ancestors”.  For some, pursuing “Supplemental Applications” is a passion.  For others just being an SAR member is enough.  Much of the answers to this require studying history.  Much more so than the rudimentary exposure that we received in our younger school days.  For those who pursue to learn more, we are rewarded with knowledge that sheds new light on the lives of the participants and the conflict.

SAR is committed to sharing the history, the past with our youth of today.  Many of us are concerned that today’s youth are not exposed to the past that was the American Revolution.  There is concern that the past is possibly not being shared, and if shared, maybe inaccurately or in a different light.

The SAR identifies and recognizes educators today through our “Youth Education Program” who teach our youth about patriotism, and the American Revolution.  In addition, a few of our SAR members volunteer their time to “dress the part” by wearing period clothing and going into our schools to supplement our history teachers curriculum.  The SAR members goal is to share, to present “living history” in the third dimension, letting students see what the uniforms were like, allowing them to ask questions and add to the richness of the learning experience.

A link to our Cincinnati Chapter Youth Education Programs is provided to share how we are involved and committed:

Youth Awards – Contests & Scholarships

We at SAR believe that “adding spice” to the learning experience helps students learn and remember these lessons.

SAR members appreciate the school districts who permit us to visit and participate.  We acknowledge that it is getting more difficult to gain access to the schools, and understand that there are multiple reasons for this challenge.  We welcome anyone who knows people who know people in our local school districts that we can share what we do.

We recognize that we may have to change our delivery to best work with History and Civics teachers to be able to share our stories.

Above all, we commit to continue the quest to share the history of the American Revolution.

The following is an article from “Real History” talking about how history has to be brought alive for our youth to absorb and “feel” it:

Make American History Dramatic and Exciting

We hope that this inspires you to further your history discovery and please pat a history or civics teacher on the back.

Enjoy your past!

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