Cincinnati Chapter SAR Marches in the Montgomery, OH Independence Day Parade

CCSAR Compatriots Gregg Ballman, Doug Blake, Ed Bonniwell, Clay Crandall, Zac Haines, Jeff Hartman, Andy Hess, Ethan Hess, Tom Hess, Brad Jarard, Connor Smith, Shaun Smith, Gordon Stokley and Chapter President Lee Wilkerson marched in the Madeira Independence Day parade on July 3. The Chapter Banner was carried by Doug Blake and Gordon Stokley. The banner was followed by General George Washington (Zac Haines). General Washington was a crowd favorite. General Washington called for cheers to America during the route and got the crowd cheering. Our Camp Follower Macey Smith and Compatriots Andy, Ethan and Tom Hess passed out small Betsy Ross flags made by the National Flag Company to the crowd on the parade route.




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