“Brown Bess” – where did this name come from?

If you have participated in the Sons of the American Revolution Color Guard, or been a student of American Revolutionary War history, you most likely have heard of the term “Brown Bess”.


The “Brown Bess” was affectionately connected to the most famous, most common name given to the British Firelock or Musket in use by the British army and Loyalists during the American Revolutionary war and conflicts before and after the war of 1776.


Below are links to an article written by “Royal Armouries” which describe the history of the Brown Bess, and how the term came to being.

Enjoy!!  Now you know …. the rest of the story ……

History of the term ‘Brown Bess’ courtesy of Royal Armouries


Another article I was made aware of regarding the Brown Bess:

The Brown Bess – Eight Amazing Facts About the Musket that Made the British Empire

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