Boston Tea Party – Want to Be a Part of New History?

Most of us remember from our history lessons the “Boston Tea Party” event.

Recently, the Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution honored with a Spring Grove Cemetery grave marking ceremony for Joshua Wyeth, the American Patriot who is credited with coining the expression “Boston Tea Party”.

Boston Tea Party – Joshua Wyeth – Memorial Service to Honor His Contributions

Its not to late!

You too can be part of history!

On December 16th, 2023 the city of Boston will celebrate and commemorate the 250th Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party (December 16th 1773).

The organization “Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum” is promoting an event where individuals and / or organizations are encouraged to mail in dried loose tea (no tea bags p please) to the sponsors of the event.

The organization will collect the tea and on December 16th, they will throw the loose tea into the Boston harbor to commemorate and remember the original historical event.

Be part of history, capture some dried loose tea, mail to the following address:

“Boston Tea Party 250th Anniversary”

Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum

306 Congress St.

Boston, MA  02210

Your reward for participating: will be the return of a “Certificate of Participation” that will be mailed back to you.

What you need to do:  To receive your certificate, include in your envelope or package,  your dried loose tea, and a note with your full name, full mailing address, phone number and your email address:

Become part of history …. again!


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