Boston Tea Party – Joshua Wyeth – Memorial Service to Honor His Contributions

On a absolutely gorgeous day Monday May 8th many gathered for a special day to honor Joshua Wyeth, an original participant of the “Boston Tea Party” on December 16th in 1773.

Commemorative Wreaths Adorn the Spring Grove Cemetery

Joshua was attributed to have coined the expression “Boston Tea Party” while being interviewed for a newspaper article in the 1820’s.  Excerpts of the article are in the attached document:

Cincinnati, OH – MAY 8, 2023

Illustration of the Boston Tea Party in 1773

Joshua path to this day was an unusual one.  Originally buried in the cemetery which is now Cincinnati’s Washington Park, his actual grave location is unknown.  The ceremony on Monday was to commemorate a headstone which was dedicated for Joshua Wyeth in Spring Grove Cemetery.

A memorial to honor a Patriot – Joshua Wyeth

Few in Cincinnati know that Washington Park was originally a public cemetery.  At some point, the decision was made to cover up the cemetery and create the park.  Some fortunate individual graves were moved to other locations.  Most were left, their headstones laid flat on the ground and covered with earth.  Some graves were uncovered during the building of a parking garage and the remains re-interred in Spring Grove Cemetery.

As a result, we are not sure of where Joshua Wyeth’s remains are located.

Christina “Tina” Wyeth Baker, a descendant of Joshua Wyeth’s brother, participated in the program.  Tina gave a short talk explaining the journey and life of Joshua Wyeth and her efforts to get the Veterans’ Administration memorial stone that now rests in Spring Grove Cemetery.

Tina also wrote a 560 page book on “The Wyeth and Wyeth Families of America” to document her family including her 4th great grand uncle Joshua Wyeth.  You can find the book via the link:

Update – Tina captured the event with a YouTube video which is attached:

Tina Baker – second from the left – a Wyeth descendant

Tracey Brumley of Spring Grove Cemetery was is the person ultimately responsible for Joshua Wyeth’s memorial stone.  Tracey was the first person to offer help to Tina in the placement of a VA marker for Mr. Wyeth.

Joshua Wyeth Memorial Marker with a Boston Tea Party medallion

Christina “Tina” Wyeth Baker is a descendant of Joshua’s brother Ebenezer Wyeth III.

After the Tea Party event Joshua Wyeth served with brothers Ebenezer and Jonas in the Continental Army.  All three brothers suffered ill health the rest of their lives because of their military service to our country.  Joshua, in particular, talked about being wounded in the Battle of Harlem Heights and later was unable to earn a living as a blacksmith due to wounds and debility.

To bring this event together, Mike Gunn – Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution also played a part in this adventure, journey and final resting spot for Mr. Wyeth to be recognized.

Representatives of the Boston Tea Party Museum participated in the event. Evan O’Brien, Creative Manager of the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum gave a presentations about the history of the Boston Tea Party event and Joshua Wyeth’s participation. 

Heather Amos, Spring Grove Cemetery Docent gave a marvelous talk on the early history of Cincinnati, the birth of the Spring Grove Cemetery and Cincinnati’s connection to the Revolutionary War.

Mike Gunn, Larry Collins, Elwood, with Cathryn Philippe portraying Phillis Wheatley

Members of the Sons of the American Revolution (Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana), Daughters of the American Revolution, the local press, and many members of the community participated in this event.

Joshua Wyeth who by his own admission participated in that historic event on December 16, 1773.  Joshua coined the term “Boston Tea Party” during an interview Printed in “The Western Review” published at Cincinnati, Ohio shortly after he was interviewed in the 1820’s.  The extraordinary event he spoke of is now recognized as one of the pivotal occurrences we will recall as we approach the 250th Anniversary of the founding of our country.

A historical interpreter Cathryn Philippe portraying Phillis Wheatley, from the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum participated in the event. She is with representatives from the SAR including Jesse Moore and Elwood from NKY SAR.

DAR representative holds the SAR 250th Commemorative flag, along side of the Historical Interpreter Cathryn Philippe portraying Phillis Wheatley from the Boston Tea Party Museum

The program for the event is attached below:

Boston Tea Party – Joshua Wyeth – Program

The Cathryn Philippe from the Boston Tea Party Museum portraying Phillis Wheatley, places the commemorative medallion above Joshua Wyeth’s marker

Members of the SAR join the Boston Tea Party representative above the memorial marker for Joshua Wyeth

This was a wonderful event, and thanks can be attributed to many who persisted in pursuit of this outcome.  A tribute to a 15 year old who became part of history, whose role was a part of the catalyst for change and the birth of a new nation.






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