Naturalization – June 29th – Amelia Ohio – Welcome USA Citizens!

Cincinnati SAR welcomes new US Citizens in a heartwarming ceremony.

Compatriots Jerry Knight and Jack Bredenfoerder welcomed about 150 new citizens from 56 countries at a naturalization ceremony held at the Starlight Drive-in near Bethel, Ohio.

The honorable Beth Buchanan officiated.

Welcome to the home of the free and the brave.

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U-2 Spy Pilot – Author Presentation by Gary Powers Jr. – Monday July 18th

Ready for some intrigue?

Faster and higher than Top Gun!

The U2 Incident was a Cold War memory for many of us.

Come hear the son of Gary Powers of U2 fame share the story and set the records straight.

Gary Powers on the wing of a U2

The Hopewell Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) is hosting this event and has invited the members of the Cincinnati Chapter SAR to attend.  There is no charge for admission.

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Color Guard – sizing for Uniform Coats

If you are an active or prospective Color Guard participant getting clothing sized prior to purchase can be a challenge.

You are investing a lot of money and you want to get it right from the start.

I was researching different options and found a couple of sites which shared “how to measure” information.  Suggesting you review these prior to making a commitment to order/purchase a American Revolutionary Uniform Coat.

The first is a visual showing the key measurements which are / should be needed:

American Revolution War Uniform – sizing_measuring_aid

Also, a popular source for American Revolutionary War clothing and accessories is Townsends.  They offer some videos which go through the suggested ways to measure for clothing.  See the link below (you will see specific videos for different clothing (i.e. Coats, Breeches ….).  For Townsends, if you click on the link below, on the right side there are click options to find measurements for different clothing options.

This was helpful to me, so sharing for your benefit.


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Question to SAR Members – would your spouse like to be more involved?

National Ladies Auxiliary – Sons of the American Revolution – for significant others of SAR members.

Question to Cincinnati SAR members – has your spouse ever asked why she cannot join the CCSAR or DAR?  If so, there is an option ….

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July 4th – Declaration of Independence – Little Known Facts

We think of the Declaration of Independence as a clearly developed and implemented event.

A study of history shows it was not.

An article written by Robert Stephens July 2, 2019 | University of Central Florida Today shares some of the little known facts which clarify the fragile state of our “in-process” democracy and form of government.

The full article is below:

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George Washington’s Advice – 1st Inaugural Address – A Call To Unity

On April 30, 1789 George Washington invented the inauguration speech as the 1st President of the United States of America.

George Washington – First Inaugural Address

At that time, the young republic was in a precarious state.  How would this grand experiment play out?

Would the struggling nation with a really unusual form of government make it to the second president if Washington failed?

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Naturalization Ceremony – Monday June 13th – Cincinnati Federal Building

On Monday, June 13th there was a special celebration for 46 new US Citizens from 30 countries.

Jerry Butler welcomes new US Citizens!


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Naturalization – May 20th – Cincinnati State – 61 new US Citizens

On Friday May 20th, 2022, there was a Naturalization Ceremony held at Cincinnati State at 1 PM.

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Fort Laurens – Summer Board of Management meeting – July 22nd & 23rd

On Friday July 22nd and Saturday July 23rd, there will be events at Fort Laurens in Bolivar Ohio.

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Cincinnati SAR Gives Living History Presentations to Attendees in Sharon Woods

On June 11, 2022 at the Sharon Woods Village History Center in Hamilton County, OH there were demonstrations and reenactments open to the public.  These demonstrations spanned the time from the Revolutionary War to Modern Military times.  Visitors to the park could wander through the various exhibits, see activities, ask the participants questions.  What is better than active living history?

Mike Gunn sharing information with engaged visitors

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