Wondering How You Can Get More Involved in SAR?

We just shared the following with our membership.

For an organization to thrive, we need members who are willing to stay involved.  As with many organizations, a few do much.  We are blessed by a dedicated group who aren’t afraid to step forward to help our mission.

Have you wanted to get more involved?  However are you not sure what you may be interested in, or where the Chapter needs help?

If you have been a member and want to see how you can get more involved with all things SAR and the inspirational activities we participate in, please see the below and let us know what questions you have and where you have interests.  If you want to learn more about options, again, please reach out to any of the Cincinnati SAR officers or board members.

To get a better idea of the Chapter activities, the website blog or the mirror Facebook page show many of the events and actions that our chapter participates in.

See the below recent email blast to members:

Calling all Members: 

Part of your membership is the opportunity to participate in many of the local, state and national events that the Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution (CCSAR) participates in.

Recently we have become more active in other groups including other state chapters and the Daughters of the American Revolution.  Our goal is to add richness to our experiences and leverage the energy and opportunities of other groups wherever possible. 

The purpose of this reach out is to expose you to the many activities that the chapter is involved in.

We have an active blog on our website, as well as a dedicated Facebook page.

If you want to learn more about what our chapter is doing, please connect to either or both of these tools, or reach out to any of the Chapter leadership.

We are grateful for your membership!  We are an organization made up of individuals who are in interested in history, the founding of our country and how our ancestors contributed to that history.

Joining SAR is great, becoming actively involved is even more rewarding.

Following what the Chapter is active in may pique your interest to participate more actively.  If there is something you are interested in, let us know.

We have needs for more Veteran and Community outreach.  We are ramping back up to present living history presentations in our local schools. 

Is that something you can help with?

If you would like to be more involved in our chapter activities, please reach out to George Stewart, stew042@aol.com for more information. 

We are excited to get more folks involved.  We will be supportive and help you get more involved, as much or as little as you want.  Baby steps … we promise.

The links to our:

Website is:  www.cincinnatisar.org

Active blog page is: https://cincinnatisar.org/blog/

Calendar of events:  https://cincinnatisar.org/meetingsevents/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/cincinnati.sar (like us and follow!)

We have a great organization and can achieve even more with your participation!

Contact either President George Stewart, stew042@aol.comor Secretary Bob Bowers, rbowers@cinci.rr.com, for more information on our next meetings and upcoming events.

Thanks again for being a member of our outstanding Cincinnati SAR chapter, continuously recognized as #1 or #2 in the Nation.

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