Treasures from Storage – Mural of George Washington – from “Lost” to “Found”

Do you ever wonder how treasures of history become lost, then suddenly found?

The attached article is a story of a really special piece of history which was packed up and “stored” for over 50 years in a warehouse and forgotten.

Fortunately a curious soul located this treasure and is in process of restoring it for all of us to appreciate.

The item is a mural 15’x10′ which was painted in 1921, placed in an Opera House and removed in 1971 as the Opera was removed.  This item fortunately was packed with care and is currently under restoration.  The plan is to present this as part of local history for the 250th Anniversary of the Revolutionary War.

The article is below was published by the Lewiston Tribune on March 19th, 2023 and sharing the link below:

If you are sometimes amazed by the fact historical artifacts can suddenly appear after many, many years of being invisible, here is a real life example of how this can happen.

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