The Cincinnati Chapter Revisits 1788

cabinThe Columbia Settlement in Southwest Ohio began on November 18, 1788. A flatboat of 26 brave souls, led by Major Benjamin Sites, pulled to the Kentucky side of the Ohio River, just past the mouth of the Little Miami River, and cautiously sent a canoe full of men across to scout for hostile Native American said to be waiting in ambush. None were found. The women and others were quickly brought ashore. A prayer of thanksgiving was held in the thickets near the shore. When the prayers had ended, the men set about constructing what would be known Columbia. This was the first of three settlements of John Cleves Symmes’ Miami Purchase. Columbia soon blossomed into the largest of these three communities. The Cincbradinnati Chapter assisted the the Heritage Village Museum, in Sharon Woods, in bringing the Columbia settlement back to life. Compatriots Greg Ballman, Gary Duffield, Brad Jarard and George Stewart helped turn back the year to 1788. Lead by Compatriot Jarard, demonstrations were given on Revolutionary War uniforms and weapons.  There was period music, log hewing, hearth cooking and fabric spinning on display. Major Benjamin Sites and Sergeant William Brown made appearances throughout the park.  With other interpreters in the area, it was a very entertaining afternoon.


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