Cincinnati Chapter SAR Presents a Patriot’s Day Program at the Garfield Middle School this past Friday, September 13, 2019

The Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution (CCSAR) and the American Spirit Education Alliance (ASEA) participated in the 3rd Annual Patriot Fair at the Garfield Middle School in Hamilton Ohio on Friday, September 13, 2019 from 8 AM until 3:15 PM. This event was scheduled to take place at the beginning of the school’s fall term.

The Youth Program Volunteers presented seven different topics at the Patriots Day Program held in the Garfield Middle School’s Gymnasium. The outreach delivered each of those topics to about 900 students with their history teachers present so they may use the introduction for future classroom learning. Mr. Matt Wilson and a new Principal at Garfield school, who is totally committed to what we are doing, enabled this great opportunity to us at their 3rd Annual Patriot Fair.

The presentation Stations and Presenters were:

1 Artifacts of the Late 18th Century by Michael Gunn (CCSAR)

2 Washington’s Crossing by Dan Schmitz (CCSAR)

3 The Role of African Americans in the American Revolution by Mark Holland (CCSAR)

4 The Battle of Brooklyn Heights by Bob Bowers (CCSAR)

5 Yorktown Experience by Dr. Ed Boniwell (CCSAR)

6 George Washington Experience by Zachary Haines (CCSAR)

7 The Constitution Experience by Matthew Byrne (ASEA)

2019 Garfield MS 1left to right — Ed Bonniwell, Matt Byrnes, Zach Haines, Bob Bowers, Dan Schmitz, Mike Gunn and Matt Holland

2019 Garfield MS 2A group of Special Needs students, Their teacher and presenter Michael Gunn



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