The featured speaker for this Pilgrimage was Dr. Stewart Jacoby of Xavier University. His topic “Immigration – What if Someone Gave a Country and Nobody Came.”

Throughout the history of the Cincinnati Chapter, our membership would gather and attend events in support for certain causes. Some were national political causes and some were in support of local civic and military events. It wasn’t till the 1950’s that some of these gathering where called Pilgrimages! The focus of these trips slowly changed and they became more social and educational. The goal was to promote more member interaction and chapter involvement. One of the first so called “Pilgrimage” was to William Henry Harrison Tomb in North Bend followed by a luncheon. In later years Pilgrimages were taken the the Golden Lamb, the Historic Millcroft Inn in Milford, Ohio, Laughery Creek (Lochry’s Defeat) in Aurora, Indiana, and the Taft Museum to name a few. All theses were well attended. The goals they strived for then are still evident in the goals we strive for today in the chapter.

-Compatriot George H. Stewart, Chapter Historian

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