2017 Presidents Day luncheon

The Cincinnati Chapter SAR held its annual Presidents’ Day luncheon on Sunday, February 19th. The Honorable Michael R. Barrett was our keynote speaker. He shared a historical presentation about the evolution of judicial robes and insights into the presidency of George Washington. He also took questions and shared stories of his experiences on the federal bench.

Former Vice President General Paul M. Wilke inducted two new compatriots: Eric Johnson for his patriot Isaac Raymond and Ken Blank for his patriot Robert Pottenger. President Bredenfoerder chose Compatriot Gary Duffield to mentor Compatriot Johnson and Compatriot Michael Gunn to mentor Compatriot Blank.

President Bredenfoerder also presented Past President Michael Gunn with a pin and certificate for his distinguished service as President for the years of 2015 and 2016.

First Lady Laurie Bredenfoerder presented some very unique door prizes that revealed some fun and interesting trivia about our nation’s presidents.

The Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard posted and retired the Colors under the command of Compatriot Wilke. The Color Guard members also shared the history of their individual uniforms with Judge Barrett.

A good time was had by all!

-President Bredenfoerder


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