Tea Party ….. so Charleston was really first!

OK, Boston gets the headlines …. however Charleston SC was the first to have


Charleston, South Carollina

Cemented in our young minds sitting in Civics class, the Boston Tea Party stands out as one of the defining moments in the annals of American history. After the imposition of unwanted, and, to their mind, unfair taxes on imported tea, dissident-minded Bostonians snuck aboard an East India Company ship disguised as Mohawk warriors and jettisoned the “noxious weed” into the Boston Harbor.

While this story has become the stuff of legend in the United States, Boston was not the only city, nor was it the first, to oppose the importation of highly taxed tea.

The true first was Charleston, South Carolina, or, as it was known in the eighteenth century, “Charlestown.”

Charlestown became the first colonial port to oppose Britain’s new tea policy. The events that transpired in Charleston Harbor between the winters of 1773 and 1774 have become known as the Charleston Tea Parties.

The following article spells out the true history of tea parties.

The Charleston Tea Parties

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