Taking a Cruise? Take Some Tips on Traveling from Benjamin Franklin

Sharing an interesting article.  Do you struggle with what to pack when you take a cruise or long trip?  Here is some advice from one of our founding fathers.  Enjoy!

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Between his voyages to England and France, Benjamin Franklin logged more transatlantic cruises than any other founder. In fact, in his lifetime, he took a total of eight cruises.

On his final 1785 cruise sailing from France to Philadelphia, Ben continued a letter he had started in 1784 in Paris to his friend Julien-David LeRoy. This very long letter eventually morphed into a 1786 paper called “Maritime Observations” and was published by Franklin’s own American Philosophical Society in their publication Transactions.

In this mega-letter, Franklin predicted the propulsion of ships using steam instead of wind. He added additional data to his earlier research of the Gulf Stream’s water current temperature variability and its effect upon vessel speed and navigation.

Ben’s Cruise Checklist

But on a lighter note, Franklin also gave travel tips to future voyagers thinking about taking a transatlantic cruise, the average length of time being six weeks. Franklin stated that no matter what the ship’s captain said he had on board for food and drink supplies, like a frequent flier in today’s world, Franklin listed fifteen items “Passengers” should always bring with them:

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Franklin’s Top 15 Items to Take on a Cruise

See, traveling is not that bad … if you are ready!

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