Storage Locker Gets Upgrade!

Don’t you love it when a plan comes together?

Thanks to Mark Fields and Scott Freeman, some upgrades were completed this past week.

To best utilize the remaining space in our recently acquired climate conditioned storage, a 48” x 24” x 72” storage rack was added to the Cincinnati Chapter’s new Self-Storage Unit. It provides five adjustable 4’ x 2’ shelves, each with a capacity of 650 pounds, for a total capacity of 3,250 pounds. It now accompanies the two large steel cabinets that were previously moved into the unit.

Ready to consolidate CCSAR’s widely spread out archives

Mark Fields and Scott Freeman of the CCSAR Self-Storage Brigade delivered and assembled the unit on February 7th. The build of the shelves went smoothly, and both Mark and Scott were impressed with the sturdy, efficient, and tool free assembly design.

No fingers, nor toes, or backs were harmed during the making of these shelves.  Kudos for the bright idea of bringing a rubber mallet which proved quite useful in persuading the pieces to go together tightly.  Men have to have the right tools!   Arrrrrgggghhh!!

Scott Freeman (L) and Mark Fields (R) enjoy the spoils of their labor. Thanks from CCSAR!

Essentially all the space on the rack is now available, and it is hoped that it will be used to store some of the chapter’s property (besides archives and records) that is used at various events and ceremonies throughout the year.

Thanks to all the volunteers and inaugural members of the CCSAR Self Storage Brigade who made this happen.

Lets round up the chapter treasures!

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