Staying Connected? Ways to Follow Cincinnati SAR

As members, below are some suggested ways that you can follow and participate in our chapter activities and information:

  1. Our quarterly newsletter – “The Cincinnati Patriot” – if you did not get one, lets get your most active email address.
  2. Monthly / Periodic emails from our Chapter Secretary
  3. Our website
  4. Our chapter Calendar—our website has the current chapter calendar which can be viewed or downloaded—the link is:
  5. Our Blog – you are reading it – Cincinnati SAR has a “Blog” where we capture chapter activities, interesting articles and upcoming events. You can access that via the link at:
  6. Our Facebook group — our chapter has a Facebook page where the “blog” articles are reposted, and in addition, members can add their own experiences, photos and share content with all our Facebook group members. The link to our Facebook group is:   Go there, sign up and follow us.

If you ever have any questions about upcoming activities, wondering how you can get more involved, please reach out to any of the leadership team.

Questions are welcome!  Ask away!!

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