State SAR Meeting – Cincinnati is hosting – May 4-6

The Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution are excited to host the upcoming OHSSAR State Meeting here in Cincinnati.

The event is scheduled from Thursday evening May 4 thru Saturday May 6th.

Update 4/19/2023: 

Introduction Letter from Jack H. Bredenfoerder – including the itinerary (pg 2), reservation form (pg3 – to complete and return), SAR member participation form (pg 4 – to complete and return), and a map showing the location of the events (pg 5).

OHSSAR Reservations 134th Annual Meeting



Timing and plans for all the events are being developed and we will need volunteers and participation from our Cincinnati and Ohio members.

We will need a strong participation from our nationally recognized Nolan Carson Color Guard.

The festivities will begin on Thursday, May 4th, with a dinner at the Montgomery Inn in Montgomery, OH

On Friday May 5th, all activities including dinner will be at the Peterloon estate in Montgomery.

On Saturday May 6th, there will be a grave marking at Armstrong Hall in Indian Hill where three Revolutionary War patriots are buried and will be recognized.

9440 Montgomery Road, Montgomery, Ohio 45242

  • Thursday, May 4 – 6:00PM Dinner, Montgomery Inn 9440 Montgomery Rd
  • Friday, May 5 – 9AM Meeting, 12N Lunch, 6:40PM Awards Dinner – Peterloon Emery Estate – all Friday events at Peterloon estate
  • Saturday, May 6 – 9:00AM Memorial Service and new officer induction

C. Bruce Pickette, the acting President General of the National Sons of the American Revolution will be attending this event.

We are excited to host this special event and hope to get the CCSAR troops out to support our efforts and reputation as a top SAR chapter.

Note that the Peterloon Estate was built with the intent to rival the best of homes in Europe and the Americas.  It is a beautiful and spectacular place.

More information will follow.  Please reach out to see how you can assist in our efforts.

Mark your calendars! 


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