Ramsey – Paxton Cemetery – re-dedication of historic Loveland Cemetery

On Saturday May 7th, the Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution participated in a parade and cemetery and grave re-dedication for some of the earliest pioneers in the Clermont County / Loveland Ohio area.

SAR participants

History Board Showing Events Leading to Renovated Cemetery

This is a story of a community coming together with many contributors to clean up and restore a classic part of Loveland, early Clermont county history.  New fencing, clean up of the grounds, installing new headstones to mark the known, as well as unknown members of the community.  Installation of a new Flag Pole, as well as a sitting area will give this place a sense of peace and remembrance.

Visitors, Volunteers and Family Descendants of the Ramsey Paxton Patriots

At the center of attention were the Grave Marking Ceremony for two Revolutionary War Patriots Thomas Paxton and John Ramsey.

Thomas Paxton (1739-1813) first served with Pennsylvania in a Company of Rangers, followed by Caption and Lieutenant Colonel after Valley Forge in 1977.  He later participated in the Battle of Fallen Timbers in 1794.  Mr. Paxton is considered the first permanent settler of Clermont County and a cornerstone of the Loveland area.

Thomas Paxton headstone – original and new

John Ramsey (1764 – 1849) served with the New Troops and rendered other patriotic service in the Revolutionary War.  Mr. Ramsey, son-in-law of Thomas Paxton was one of the early settlers in Clermont County.

John Ramsey – original and new

Cincinnati Sons of the American Revolution Compatriot Charles Ernst Rogers made arrangements with the cooperation of the Patriotic Graves Committee of the Ohio Society of the SAR.

The Cincinnati SAR was also honored to have brothers from the Kentucky SAR participate.

Cincinnati SAR Bob Bowers with Kentucky SAR participants – Steve Gahafer, Patrick Wesolosky, and Tim Wisner

There was a living history presentation by the Cincinnati SAR – Robert Bowers at 12:30 PM, followed by a parade starting at 12:45PM leaving from the John Ramsey Homestead in White Pillars, and traveling a few hundred feet to the newly re-dedicated Ramsey-Paxton Cemetery.

Jack Bredenfoerder, President of the Ohio Society of Sons of the American Revolution addresses the participants

Mike Gunn of Cincinnati SAR

Cincinnati SAR Lee Wilkerson and Gordon Stokely provide closing remarks

Robert Geiger who was the central point of commitment for this cemetery revitalization effort served as the Emcee of the event.

Emcee – Project Champion – Ron Geiger thanking the owner of EADS Fencing and telling the special story of the reclaimed gate for the cemetery

This was an example of respect for the dead, and making their final resting spot a beacon of pride for the descendants and community.  If you have ever driven by a cemetery and wished that it could be rejuvenated, this is a sterling example of what concentrated committed efforts can accomplish.

This is a joint event by the Clough Valley Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, the Cincinnati and Kentucky Chapters of the Sons of the American Revolution and the Loveland American Legion.

Prior to the Grave Markings the Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard of Cincinnati SAR preformed a historical presentation led by Event Commander Bob Bowers, with Tim Wisner, KY SAR carrying colors, Sergeant Mike Gunn, Privates George Stewart, Clay Crandall, Tim Madden and past OHSSAR President Turner Lee Wilkerson carrying muskets with bayonets. Members Ohio Society SAR President, Jack Bredenfoerder was Emcee, Larry Collins, Gordon Stokely, Mark Fields and Bruce Bennett attended with other duties. Patrick Wesolosky, Steve Hahafer & Tim Wisner from KYSSAR joined those from Cincinnati in the event.

The ceremony began with singing our National Anthem led by Will Freeman, followed by DAR ceremonial components and prayers. Emcee John Bredenfoerder introduced Michael Gunn who read the service records and dedicated the SAR markers; the 10 who placed wreaths honoring the Patriots: Ohio Society OHSSAR wreath by President, John H Bredenfoerder, Indiana Society, by Turner Lee Wilkerson (Past OHSSAR & CCSAR President), Cincinnati SAR, Bob Bowers, LAOHSSAR Ladies Auxiliary – Laurie Bredenfoerder, Clough Valley DAR – Vicki Pinella, Hopewell Chapter NSDAR – Janice Mauch, Lexington (KY) Chapter NSDAR – Amelia Wisner, Virginia Society SAR – Turner Lee Wilkerson,  Germany Society SAR – Gordon Stokely and Society of Cincinnati – Bruce Bennett – Cincinnati SAR.                                                                                                                                                                      There were more than 130 attendees including some from Girl Scout Troop #43534, several from American Legion Post 256 and Auxiliary Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5749 who weathered the misty brisk day to pay their respects to Revolutionary War Patriots Thomas Paxton, John Ramsey & wife Isabella Paxton Ramsey.

The neighbors of the cemetery deserve a great deal of credit for their support and financial contribution that brought this event to fruition.

DAR and SAR representatives presentations

Introductions to the event by DAR and American Legion

This was terrific event, and enjoyed by descendants of the Ramsey – Paxton families, local historians.  Rob Geiger presented plaques made from the wood of a damaged large cherry tree removed during the clean up of the cemetery property.

Both DAR’s bronze and SAR’s Granite markers were dedicated in the cemetery.  The ceremony was concluded with a musket and Mourn Salute by the attending Cincinnati SAR Nolan Carson Color Guard.  Appropriately, Taps was played by the American Legion touching all who participated.

A fine send off for these patriots, never forgotten for their commitments to our country, their families and their community.

SAR Members Fire a Three Volley Musket Salute Honoring the Ramsey Paxton PatriotsThe Program for the service is attached below as a PDF file:

Paxton_ Ramsey Grave Marking Program

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