Speaker series – The Naturalization Process – what is involved to gain US Citizenship?

Every month, the Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution participate in Naturalization Ceremonies around the Tri-State area.

We help celebrate with these new US Citizens who have taken the path of legal citizenship.

We who were born and grew up here may take what we have (home of the free, the brave and lucky beyond our wildest dreams) for granted.

These new fledgling immigrants work hard to gain their US Citizenship.

For most of us we don’t really know what is required to obtain and be awarded US Citizenship.

To help us understand, the Cincinnati Chapter of SAR invited Joe Snyder of Sebaly Shillito + Dyer (SS+D for short) to speak with our chapter.  Joe had prepared remarks and during and after the program answered many member questions.

Joe’s ten years of experience supporting SS+D’s immigration attorneys have included the successful preparation of numerous petitions and applications submitted to the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS), the Department of Labor, and the Department of State including asylum applications and EB-5 petitions.

It was an thought provoking evening.  I myself was surprised about what prospects had to do to accomplish the goal of obtaining US Citizenship.  Frankly I found it to be complicated and very check mark driven, however we learned that there is discretion allowed to give immigrants the benefit of the doubt in certain situations.

Our goal was to have one of our recent members who’s spouse is currently going through the path to citizenship speak however their young daughter had a late emergency which caused them to miss.  Maybe she can attend and share at a later date.

Joe the presenter did a great job explaining the in’s and out’s of the process.  Joe shared a document (www.uscis.gov source) which I will attach here for your review.

The Naturalization Process – presentation by Joe Snyder – 03_01_2023

For a more visual document on the path to Citizenship, from the www.USCIS.gov site click on the link below:

The Naturalization Process – a visual view – M-685

More about the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services – USCIS for short – is an agency of the United States Department of Homeland Security that administers the country’s naturalization and immigration system.

If you need more information or have someone you know who is looking for support in their effort to gain US Citizenship, I have attached Joe Snyder’s business card for you to contact:

Speaker Joe Snyder – The Naturalization Process – Contact Information

All in all, this was a great presentation which sparked a lot of great questions.

Attached is a short YouTube video which addresses the process and benefits:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=49KMsDVM8jQ

The path to Citizenship is robust and involved!

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