Letter from the chaplain

Dear Compatriot;

            Please mark your calendar for Tuesday night,  November 12th, 7 p. m.  Our conference call speaker will be The Rev. Dr. Steve Brown, of the nationwide Key Life Radio Broadcast.  His topic is:

Living out our Faith and Values in a Post-Modern Culture

Dr. Brown has been a friend and a mentor in my life since 1990.  He has had a long and distinguished Pastoral career.  For over 20 years he has taught preaching at Reformed Theological Seminary, and now can be heard nationwide through his Key Life Radio Broadcast.  We are living in a changing culture.  Understanding our culture will do much to help form and shape our SAR program and outreach efforts.  This knowledge will also enable us to live out our lives with greater wisdom and winsomeness.

Dr. Brown is a gifted speaker and is much in demand. 

Remember Tuesday night, November 12th, at 7 p.m. 

Dial in on the following number:

            (425) 535-9510

            Code 2425267#

Protocols to be followed: 

·         Be on the line before 7 o’clock

·         After saying hello, place your phone on mute so that there will be no background noise.

·         Towards the end of Dr. Brown’s presentation, he may open it up for a time of Q n A.

            This is a part of our Chaplain’s outreach program, which I have innovated as Chaplain for the State of Ohio.  Our local Chaplains have been fantastic, and they are the ones that do the heavy lifting, in terms of needs within their own Chapter.  These are men of prayer and solid faith, and I have come to value them so much. 

            You are free to invite your friends, family, church or synagogue friends to get on the line and experience what will prove to be an informative, inspirational, and educational event.  I’m asking all Chapter Presidents and Chaplains to rally the troops as it were.  It’s going to be a high time.  If you have any questions please email me at drbonniwell24@gmail.com

Dr. Ed Bonniwell

Ohio SAR State Chaplain

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