James Harlan Cleveland II


Cincinnati Chapter Membership approved

February 15, 1945

JamesHarlanClevelandWhile reviewing some old chapter minutes there was a big deal made about the membership of a new Compatriot James Harlan Cleveland II on February 15, 1945. After doing some research on Compatriot Cleveland, I now understand why. He was born August 28,1894 in Glendale, Ohio. He served in World War I. On September 6, 1918 he was wounded in action and received the Purple Heart. He was a First Lieutenant, 306 Infantry, 77th Division, AEF.

On his death this is what appeared in the New York Times:

The New York Times (New York, New York)
March 22, 1950 (Wednesday)

Special to The New York Times.
Cincinnati, March 21 – James H. Cleveland, who had been acting United States District Attorney and Mayor of the nearby city of Glendale, Ohio, died today at the age of 55.
Mr. Cleveland was a son of Harlan Cleveland, who was United States District Attorney in one of President Grover Cleveland’s Administrations. His grandfather, Stanley Matthews, and an uncle, John Marshall Harlan, served on the United States Supreme Court.”

What is also interesting and what the Chapter was proud of is Compatriot Cleveland’s Great Great Grandfather was Sgt. William Brown. Sgt. Brown received the Badge of Merit, the Purple Heart, from General George Washington on May 3, 1783.

James Harlan Cleveland II died from a fall on March 21, 1950 and is buried at
Spring Grove Cemetery in Cincinnati, Ohio


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