Cincinnati SAR presented their 2017 Awards on December 9, 2017

The Cincinnati Chapter SAR welcomed a new compatriot to our chapter at the 5th Annual Awards Dinner held at the Blue Ash Crowne Plaza on Saturday, December 9th. The new compatriot inducted by Ohio Society President Donald C. McGraw, Jr. was Steve Maynard. Congratulations and welcome Compatriot Maynard!


Cincinnati Chapter President John H. Bredenfoerder, Ohio Society President Donald C. McGraw, Jr., Steve Maynard, Turner Lee Wilkerson III

Receiving supplementals at the same celebration were Compatriots Shaun Smith and Connor Smith.

Ohio Society President Donald C. McGraw, Jr. performed a MIA POW Remembrance.

Below are photos of our award winners. Congratualtions to All!

Photos by Dr. Michael B. Gunn, Ph.D., CCSAR Past President

Perfect Attendance Certificates


John H. Bredenfoerder, Gary L. Duffield, Michael J. Blum, George H. Stewart

Certificates of Appreciation


Scott E. Snow, James H. Houston, Jr., J. Preston Smith, Jr., Mark E. Idle Jacob S. Hartman
Not Pictured: Jason P. Bourgeois, Clayton L. Crandall, Kerry L. Langdon, Charles E. Rogers

Ladies Certificates of Appreciation


LeeAnn Blum, Shirley Bowers, Becky Hartman, Billie Bonniwell, Kathe Ballman, Mary Ann Duffield, Donna Idle
Not Pictured: Elise Jarard, Wanda Langdon

Darragh Medal


Emma Hartman

SAR/DAR Medal of Appreciation


Carolyn Carpenter

Martha Washington Medal


Carole Gunn (Oak Leaf Cluster), Shari Wilkerson, Christine Smith, Laurie Bredenfoerder

Daughters of Liberty Medal

Not Pictured: Valerie Wilke (Oak Leaf Cluster) and Anna Wilke (Oak Leaf Cluster)

Cincinnati Chapter Thomas Paine Award


Dr. Michael B. Gunn

Roger Sherman Medal (Bronze)


Gregory D. Ballman, Michael J. Blum, Ralph Edgar Bonniwell, Kenneth R. Burck, Joshua B. Hartman, Robert E. R. Bowers, Zachary T. Haines
Not Pictured: Franz B. Ott II (Oak Leaf Cluster), Daniel S. Schmitz, Connor M. Smith, Gordon E. Stokely, Jr., George H. Vincent

Patriot Grave Marking Medal


Michael B. Gunn (1 Bronze, 1 Silver Oak Leaf Clusters), Turner Lee Wilkerson III (2 Bronze, 1 Silver Oak Leaf Clusters)

Liberty Medal


Turner Lee Wilkerson III
Not Pictured: Franz B. Ott II (Oak Leaf Cluster)

Service to Veterans Medal and Lafayette Medal


Michael J. Blum (Oak Leaf Cluster)

Law Enforcement Commendation Medal


Scott E. Snow

Meritorious Service Medal


Michael J. Blum, Kenneth G. Carpenter, Gary L. Duffield, Jeffrey M. Hartman, John Bradley Jarard, Shaun P. Smith, George H. Stewart, Jr., Turner Lee Wilkerson III Not Pictured: Larry W. Collins, Gerald P. Knight

Chapter Medal for Distinguished Service and Crystal Decanter with Chapter Logo


Michael B. Gunn

Chapter Distinguished Service Certificates and Crystal Decanters with Chapter Logo

Not Picutred: Jesse W. Andrews, Donald C. McGraw, Jr., James D. Schaffer, Paul M. Wilke

Cincinnati SAR President Jack Bredenfoerder, Officers and Board installed

DSC_0106 (Michael Gunn's conflicted copy 2017-12-10)

Jack Bredenfoerder, John Bradley Jarard, Turner Lee Wilkerson III,  Gary L. Duffield, Michael J. Blum, George H. Stewart, Jr., James H. Houston, Jr.,  Gregory D. Ballman, Jeffrey M. Hartman, Robert E. R. Bowers, Shaun P. Smith,  Kenneth G. Carpenter. Not Pictured, Clayton L. Crandall

Compatriot Turner Lee Wilkerson III being installed as the Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard Commander




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