Heritage Days – SAR & DAR Combined Event

Cincinnati SAR participated in the Library Township Heritage Day on Saturday September 17th.

Huzzah! Charge!

It was a beautiful day, perfect for both the participants and visitors.  Fall in Ohio, you cannot beat it!  Put this event on your calendar for next year!

We set up next to the Gregory Log Cabin which was moved to the site and is a history lesson all by itself.  We are lucky to have people who value these structures and preserve them for all to see and share.

Gregory Log Cabin moved on site in the park

The Cincinnati Chapter SAR was asked to assist the John Reily Chapter DAR in their 250th Plaque dedication today. 

Commemorative Plaque to recognize the patriots who served in the American Independence cause

George Stewart – Cincinnati Chapter SAR (CCSAR) was awarded the DAR 250th Anniversary medal and certificate.

George Stewart receives special award from DAR during 250th Marker presentation

The 4th Annual Heritage Day event is presented by the Liberty Township Historical Society in conjunction with the Liberty Township Parks Committee.

The event featured:

  • Tours of Gregory Cabin – original period log cabin which has been moved to this site to share with citizens.  Exhibits and storyboards are available to learn more.

The Gregory Log Cabin on site

  • SAR – the Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution shared:
    • Revolutionary War era camp life demonstrations
      • One of our members had set up a period era camp
      • His wife and two children were dressed in period clothing
      • The showed life on the frontier, complete with tent, live chickens, campfires and period correct utensils.
      • We were impressed with the children and how they were acting in era.

Revolutionary War Era Camp Life exhibit by a member and his wife and two children

Visitors watching the posting of Colors to start the ceremony

    • Revolutionary War soldier drill and black powder firing
      • Multiple musket volleys added to the excitement of the event
      • Discussions of the differences in military tactics
      • Explanation of the differences between smooth bore vs rifled muskets and the battlefield tactics used for each

Cincinnati SAR members complete a musket volley

    • Battle of Yorktown presentation
    • Washington Crossing the Delaware presentation

Ed Bonniwell presents the Battle of Yorktown and Valley Forge

Ed Bonniwell hosted multiple sessions about the campaign of Yorktown and the winter of Valley Forge

    • Membership questions can be answered with our Membership Registrar
    • Visitors asked questions of the life and daily activities of soldiers and their way of life.  Great discussions were held which piqued the interest of older and younger visitors.

Mike Gunn answers questions about the extensive collection of period artifacts

George Stewart answers visitors questions about his “Firelock” (aka musket)

Mike Gunn demonstrates how a flintlock musket operates to a curious visitor

Cincinnati SAR had multiple tables of period correct and antique artifacts on display

Color Guard Commander Brad Jarard explains battlefield tactics used by American and British soldiers

Tim Madden discusses the tiger maple stock of his flintlock rifle and an antique trade axe she found on their property

  • DAR – the John Reilly Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution tag teamed with the SAR members and dedicated the America 250 Plaque which is in remembrance of our patriot ancestors for the upcoming 250 year anniversary of our nation in 2026

Joint SAR & DAR participants share a moment together for a common cause

  • Also there were exhibits, demonstrations and discussion opportunities with:
    • Blacksmith working a fire and forging implements
    • Live music by the Jericho Old-Time Band
    • Antique machinery demonstrations
    • Other exhibits include:
      • Pioneer clothes washing,
      • Corn shelling,
      • Cider press making apple cider
      • Corn grinding demonstrations

Cincinnati SAR Color Guard presenting Colors to start the ceremonies

Cincinnati SAR artifacts on display, touching allowed!

Visitors observing the opening of the ceremony

Bart Hendershot who portrays a British musician explains how the drummer had 130 different codes used to communicate orders from commanders to troops

Mike Gunn eagerly shares exhibits and answers visitors questions about artifacts

Overall, a spectacular day!  Thanks to the event organizers, the exhibitors, the DAR and most importantly those visitors who make this event worthwhile to those participating.

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