Flag Retirement hosted by the American Legion attended by CCSAR

Michael B. Gunn, Ph.D.
Past President, Patriot Graves Chair CCSAR

In the morning at 10 AM on December 2, 2018 the Cincinnati Chapter of the Sons of the American Revolution (CCSAR) joined the Chambers Hautman Budde American Legion Post 534 at their lodge on 4818 River Road for their annual Flag Retirement Ceremony.

American Legion Color Guard members joined their Safety team at the burn pit site, along with the CCSAR Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard and its 7 member Musket Unit. The Post 534 Commander confirmed readiness of the Flag Retirement Burn Team and requested the verbal assurance that each of the flags to be retired met their service requirements. A Prayer followed with homage to all those who’ve flown these banners and hope for the replacements to be properly honored.

After all units were brought to Attention and “Present Arms” declared, the musket unit fired their flintlocks to set off the actual incineration. A proper and honorable end to our National Colors!

Photos by Janet Crandall & Jack Bredenfoerder


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