1876 Heroes Grove, Marshall Hill, Eden Park, Cincinnati, Ohio

By Compatriot George Stewart, Chapter Historian

Revolutionary War Monument
1876 Heroes Grove, Marshall Hill
Eden Park, Cincinnati, Ohio

On one weekend in April 2000, a number of compatriots met to visit the Revolutionary War Monument in Heroes Grove on Marshall Hill in Eden Park. There were originally 36 oak trees planted here that were brought from Valley Forge, one for each Patriot listed on the monument. Several replacement trees were planted by the U.S. Marine Corps in 1976 to commemorate the Bicentennial. Heroes Grove is east of the water tower.

The inscription states:
Dedicated to the memory of the Heroes of 1776 and the Patriots who suffered with Washington at Valley Forge. Brought from that historic ground and planted by A.E. Jones April 27, 1876.

1. Washington 2. Knox 3. Lafayette 4. Greene 5. Hamilton 6. Gates
7. Wayne 8. Putnam 9. H. Lee 10. Steuben 11. Weldin 12. Muhlenberg
13. Sullivan 14. Stark 15. Warren 16. McIntosh 17. Porter 18. Maxwell
19. Woodward 20. Patterson 21. Allen 22. DeKalb 23. Kosciusko 24. Marion
25. G. Lee 26. Glover 27. Poor 28. Larned 29. Scott 30. Pulaski 31. Sumter
32. Lincoln 33. Pulaski 34. Morgan 35. Smallwood 36. Eberhand


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