February 23rd 2018 Naturalization Ceremony

Michael B. Gunn, Ph.D.
Past President, Patriot Graves Chair CCSAR

Photos by Michael B. Gunn and Jack Bredenfoerder

The Cincinnati SAR attended the Naturalization Ceremony held “off campus” from the United States District Courthouse at the St. James the Greater School located at 3565 Hubble Rd., Cincinnati, OH at 11:00 AM on February 23, 2018 with six members of the Nolan Carson Memorial Color Guard present. There were 69 new Citizens from 35 different countries who became our neighbors in these United States of America during this session of the District Court with Judge Michael R. Barrett presiding.

Also present were members of Cincinnati DAR, The league of Women Voters, a representative from the Office of Senator Sherrod Brown and many family and well wishers supporting the new Citizens.

After the Boy Scout Troop from the St. James School posted the Colors and an excellent rendition in a capella of our National Anthem by a young woman from St. James Parish the proceedings began. Judge Barrett requested a member of Cincinnati SAR give an explanation of the significance of the uniforms that were being worn by the 6 SAR members.

Michael Gunn explained these are just four of the many different uniforms worn by our Patriot Ancestors in the Revolutionary War. The Massachusetts 15th, Virginia 6th , Virginia 1st , New Jersey Continental and a Militia Regimental unit represented here today, worn by: Cincinnati SAR President John H. Bredenfoerder, Gerald Knight, Ken Carpenter, Daniel Schmitz, Ed Boniwell and Michael Gunn. We wear them to serve as a Segway in explanation of the sacrifices made in order to create these United States of America in its battle with forces of a tyrannical king some 240 years ago.

Judge Barrett then emphasized the veterans through these 200 plus years who continued to protect against the aggressors who have attempted to take away the liberties that we all here today enjoy as do all citizens of these United States of America.
The importance of registering with the County Board of Elections, exercising your right to vote and serving on juries when called.

A very good dose of patriotism for all attendees and a good way to begin a day!



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