Color Guard – sizing for Uniform Coats

If you are an active or prospective Color Guard participant getting clothing sized prior to purchase can be a challenge.

You are investing a lot of money and you want to get it right from the start.

I was researching different options and found a couple of sites which shared “how to measure” information.  Suggesting you review these prior to making a commitment to order/purchase a American Revolutionary Uniform Coat.

The first is a visual showing the key measurements which are / should be needed:

American Revolution War Uniform – sizing_measuring_aid

Also, a popular source for American Revolutionary War clothing and accessories is Townsends.  They offer some videos which go through the suggested ways to measure for clothing.  See the link below (you will see specific videos for different clothing (i.e. Coats, Breeches ….).  For Townsends, if you click on the link below, on the right side there are click options to find measurements for different clothing options.

Get the Right Fit!

This was helpful to me, so sharing for your benefit.


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